Features Of The Isometric Projection

Features Of The Isometric Projection

Both in technical drawing and in different kinds of areas that require visualization, isometric projection is a very important thing. Here you can find out information about isometric projection. 

Isometric projection of a basic part(Image Source:civilseek.com/isometric-drawing-projection/).

What Is The Isometric Projection?

In the projection technique, some axes define the projection itself, which are called axonometric axes. According to the positioning o the axonometric coordinates, the type of the projection is defined. If the angle between the axonometric coordinates is equal to each other(120 degrees), this type of projection is called isometric projection. 

This type of anemometric axes is also called isometric axes. In the isometric projection, the edges that parallel to these isometric axes are called isometric lines. 

Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics

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If a line or edge is not parallel to the isometric axes, this line is called a non-isometric line. If we take a look at the foreshortening effects, the foreshortening effect of the isometric lines is the same as the isometric axes. But non-isometric lines have different foreshortening effects compared with the isometric axes. 

Isometric lines(Image Source:sccs-tech.weebly.com/3d-drawing–isometric-projection.html).

Also, the dimensions of the object that is drawn as isometric projection change because of the foreshortening effects. This change is near equals to 2/3 of the original dimensions, in an isometric scale. For example, the 10 cm length of an edge that is isometric line will be nearly 6,66 cm in isometric projection.


The general logic of the isometric projection is simply like this. 

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