Features Of The Warm Working Of Metals


Metal forming processes are classified according to application temperature ranges. Cold working processes are accomplished at room temperature generally. But sometimes, metals are deformed in specific temperatures called ‘warm’, and the metal forming processes that are achieved in these temperatures are called warm working processes. 

Here you can find brief information about the warm working processes. 

What Is The ‘Warm’ For Metal Working?

Hot metal forming(Image Source:auto.howstuffworks.com/under-the-hood/auto-manufacturing/au9.tomotive-metal-forming.html).

Yes, there are two edges in metal forming; cold working and hot working. But there is a temperature range that is called warm for metal forming processes. The warm temperature range in the metal forming is between the 0.3 times melting temperature of the metal and the recrystallization temperature of the metal. 

What Are The Advantages Of These Intermediate Temperatures?

In cold working, strain hardening of the metal parts is the problem. Ductility is also low in low temperatures. These are the problems for the deformation of metal to desired shapes. If the metal is heated to intermediate temperatures, the strain hardening effect is decreased, and the ductility of the metal increases. Advantages of the warm working of metals emerge from these facts. 

There is no requirement for annealing operation in the warm working of metals. Annealing is applied in the cold working of metals to relieve strain hardening for further deformations. 

Because of the increased ductility of the metal, lower forces and pressures are required to deform the metal. This is a cost-effective advantage of warm working. 

More detailed shapes can be obtained because of the higher deformability of the metal. 


These are the general aspects of the warm metalworking processes applied in the manufacturing industry. 

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