Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites Applications And Properties

Fiber reinforced composite materials have very important place in engineering. One of important example of these fiber reinforced composites is fiber reinforced metal matrix composites. In here, we briefly explain theese fiber reinforced composite materials and their applications and properties below.

What Is Fiber-Reinforced Metal Matrix Composite?

In fiber-reinforced metal matrix composites, low density metals such as aluminum, titanium and magnesium are used as metal matrix. In these metal matrix, fiber reinforcements are aluminum oxide and silicon carbide.

As in another fiber-reinforced composites, maximum tensile strength is obtained in the direction of fiber reinforcements. Also maximum modulus of elasticity is obtained in this direction. According to the application, the alignment of fiber reinforcements are adjusted. When the fibers are increased inside metal matrix, these mechanical properties are also increased.

Very good strength-to-weight ratio is obtained with fiber-reinforced metal matrix composites. Also these materials are very good thermal and electrical conductors.

General applications of fiber-reinforced metal matrix composites are high temperature turbine parts and aircraft components.

These are the general properties of fiber-reinforced metal matrix composites. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about fiber-reinforced metal matrix composites below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.

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