Lubrication in machinery is very important stuff. You need to have a proper lubrication system for the contacting surfaces of the machinery. So, you need to make strict calculations about lubrication. There are different types and structures of lubrication for different systems. Furthermore, you can use the lubrication type calculator to see the type of lubrication.

The friction coefficient and film parameter.
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Calculate the Type of Lubrication with Film Parameter Calculator

We created a calculator that you can easily calculate the type of lubrication of your system. Also, probably, you are making lots of kinds of calculations to design mechanical systems. Lubrication calculations are one of them. So, it will make easier your calculations to calculate the type of lubrication.

Film Parameter Calculator

Type of the lubrication will appear here.

The use of the lubrication type calculator is very simple. You just need to enter these values;

  • Minimum Film Thickness: Film thickness of the lubrication between the surfaces. The unit is millimeters or inches.
  • RMS Surface Roughness of the Surfaces: You need to know the average surface roughness values. Thu unit of the surface roughness is millimeters or inches.

And then, click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to calculate the type of lubrication. The type of your lubrication will appear.

Formula to Calculate It

The formulation to calculate the type of lubrication is very simple. So, we are using this formula to calculate the lubrication type;

Film parameter formula for lubrication type calculator.

As you see above, with the increasing film thickness, the film parameter increases.

But with the increasing surface roughness values of the contact surfaces, the film parameter decreases.

According to the values that the film parameter takes, lubrication types are like below;

  • If the film parameter is smaller than 1, the type of lubrication is boundary lubrication.
  • Also if the film parameter is between 1 and 3, the lubrication type is partial lubrication.
  • If the film parameter value is bigger than the 3, the lubrication type is hydrodynamic lubrication.
  • A special condition is an elastohydrodynamic lubrication where the film parameter takes the value between 3 and 10.

Lubrication Types

In essence, if the lubrication type is boundary lubrication, there are always contacts between the surfaces because of the surface roughnesses. So, there are no hydrodynamic effects of the lubricant between the contacts.

If the type of lubrication is partial lubrication, there are partial hydrodynamical effects between the surfaces. So, there may be contacts between the surface roughnesses.

In the hydrodynamic type of lubrication, the hydrodynamic effects of the lubricant are on the stage. Lubrication takes place with the hydrodynamic effects.

Elastohydrodynamic lubrication is a special case where the shear stress due to the fluid flow is signified, cant for the deformation of the materials.


Finally, these are the general aspects of the lubrication types and film parameter calculator. It is very easy to define the type of lubricatiın in a mechanical system.

Above all, Mechanicalland does not accept any responsibility for calculations made by users in calculators. A good engineer must check calculations again and again.

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