Finding Minimum Value Of A Function In An Interval In MatLab

Finding a minimum value of a function is a very specific topic in Calculus actually. But it requires handful of calculations, which makes this process is tough for long engineering calculations. You can also make this business in Matlab very easily with ‘fminbnd()’ command. In here, we will show you how to find minimum value of a function, in a specified interval with fminbnd() command in Matlab.

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How To Use ‘fminbnd()’ Command In MatLab?

Use of ‘fminbnd()’ command in Matlab.

The use of ‘fminbnd()’ command in Matlab is very easy to find required minimum value of a function or polynomial. To use fminbnd() command, you need to define a two variable as shown by red arrow above. The first one of these variables is the minimum value of your function. The second variable as shown by green arrow above is the for which value, the function takes the minimum value.

Type these variable names inside a square brackets as shown by red and green arrows above. Then equalize this with fminbnd() command, then type the function that you want to find minimum value of is as shown by blue arrow above.

This function can a function that created by you in Matlab. You can also use default functions such as sin(), cos() etc. in Matlab. You need to write that function’s name inside quotes. Put commas then write the minimum and maximum interval values to see minimum value of this fuction as shown in blue box above.

As you see, the minimum value of this function is given with first variable name that you defined, and for which value that function will take minimum value is also shown with second variable. The logic is very basic as you see above.

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  1. Mary Avatar

    How to use this command when function has 2 variables

    1. MB-Editor Avatar

      Probably, this is a very specific topic to do in Matlab. There must be different ways or command to do it in Matlab. I will make a research and write here.

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