Fixing Sketch Entities In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

Fixing of sketch entities in Solidworks can be very vital to obtain required sketch geometries and entities. In this article, we explained how to fix sketch features and entities in Solidworks sketching.

How To Fix Solidworks Sketch Entities?

Click on sketch entity and Fix it.

For example, we created a circle, and we want it to be fixed placed and fixed dimensioned in Solidworks sketching. Fixing of sketch entities in Solidworks sketching means, fixed geometry will not be changed, if other constraints, dimensions or relations are added to that geometry.

What we need to do is, just click on sketch entity as shown by green arrow above then click on the little symbol that is appeared as shown by red arrow to fix. Then click on little green yes button to complete the operation.

Adding tangency between sketch entities in Solidworks.

For example, we added tangency between the line and fixed circle as shown by red arrows above. We clicked on these sketch entities, and give them ‘Tangent’ relationship as shown above. Then click on little yes button again at left-top.

Tangency relation in sketch entities in Solidworks.

As you see above, only line’s place is updated as shown by green arrow above. There is no change on circle geometry, because it is fixed before.

So if you want to add some relations and dimensions in Solidworks sketchings, give ‘Fix’ relation to which sketch entities must be remained constant dimension and locations in Solidworks sketching.

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