Fixing Solidworks 2020 ‘Cannot Connect License Server’ Error

This error is one of the most encountered errors of Solidworks® generally. As you understand from its context, this error originates because of the connection between your Solidworks® 2020 product and the license server of Solidworks®. Here, we tell the solution to this error in Solidworks® 2020.

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How To Solve ‘Cannot Connect License Server’ Error Of Solidworks® 2020?

Cannot connect to license server error in Solidworks® 2020.

When you double-click on Solidworks® 2020 icon from your desktop, the error appears.

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Here we propose some quick solutions for this license connection error of Solidworks® 2020. First, you can check your internet connection, which is a very basic and the most important part of that error. Then you must be sure that the installation of Solidworks® 2020 is properly done on your computer. Also, you can check the server and product connection to solve this problem.

Open ‘Services’ on your computer.

To start the solution of this license error of Solidworks® 2020, click on the ‘Start button on your windows computer, then type ‘Services’ then search it. And open the services of your windows product as shown by the green arrow above.

A very long list will have appeared if you open ‘Services’. From that list, find ‘Solidworks® Flexnet Server’. Then right-click on that, click on ‘Properties’ of this ‘Solidworks® Flexnet Server’.

Do the required adjustments above.

When you click on the properties of Solidworks® flexnet server, there will be a window as the above appeared. From the ‘Startup type’ section, select the ‘Automatic’ option as in the green box above. Then click on the ‘Apply’ button. After that, click on the ‘Start’ button in the red box. Click on ‘OK’ as shown by the red arrow.

Then try to open your Solidworks® 2020 product again.


The solution of this problem is very simple like this.

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