GD&T Symbols in Engineering

GD&T symbols are frequently used in technical drawings.
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GD&T rules are very important for the communication between the people that are working in the manufacturing industry. So, there are a bunch of standard rules of GD&T and one of these rules is the GD&T symbols. Also, we call GD&T symbol symbols to form and dimension symbols. And then, the place of these symbols is very important in engineering drawings. Here we show the meanings of the most common GD&T symbols.

What is GD&T Symbol?

We use GD&T symbols to show the general tolerance, dimensioning, and positioning characteristics of the parts in technical drawings. Also, for different purposes, we are using GD&T symbols to show all these characteristics of our parts in a minimum space on engineering drawing papers. We use these symbols by adding datums to parts and also adding control frames on the paper. So, with the minimum space, we show all the required data of parts.

Meanings of GD&T Symbols

Here, you can find detailed information about the GD&T symbols.

Form GD&T Symbols

Firstly, to show the important details about the forms of the part sections in engineering drawings, we are using these symbols in control frames and tolerances. Among the form GD&T symbols, we use these shapes generally.

straightness gd&t symbol.

Straightness: We use it to show straight-form tolerances and features.

flatness gd&t symbol.

Flatness: Flatness of the surfaces of the parts. So, we use it to show flatness tolerances.

roundness gd&t symbol.

Roundness: For round entities, we are using this GD&T symbol to show the circularity features and tolerances in engineering drawings.

cylindricity gd&t symbol.

Cylindricity: For cylindrical features, we use this symbol to show the level and tolerance of cylindricities in technical drawings.

GD&T Symbols of Profile

Also, to show the profile tolerances in engineering drawings, these symbols are generally used by designers and engineers.

line profile

Line Profile: We are using this GD&T symbol to show a profile of a line in engineering drawings.

surface profile

Surface Profile: This GD&T symbol shows the features of the profile of a surface in technical drawings.

GD&T Symbols of Orientation

Orientations between the geometric entities in engineering drawings are also critical. So, we are using these symbols to show the tolerances of different types of orientations in technical drawings.

angularity gd&t symbol.

Angularity: In the angular relations between the technical drawing entities, we use the angularity symbol to show the.

perpendicularity gd&t symbol.

Perpendicularity: In the perpendicular relations between the entities in engineering drawings, we use this GD&T symbol to show the required features and tolerances.


Parallelism: There can be parallel features in technical drawings. You can use the parallelism symbol to show the tolerances between them in engineering and technical drawings.

Location Symbols

The exact locations of entities related to other entities or absolute points are also very important in such engineering drawings. So, to show the exact tolerances of the locations, we use the symbols below in our technical drawings.


Position: The exact position of a feature may have also tolerances concerning another feature in technical drawing. So we can show these tolerances and features with the position GD&T symbol.


Concentricity: There may be concentric features in technical drawings. So, to show the different features and tolerances, we can use the concentricity symbol.

Runout Symbols

In general, we use runout tolerances in our technical drawings. Also, These are the general symbols of runouts in our technical drawings.


Symmetry: We can show the tolerances of symmetrical features in engineering drawings with symmetry GD&T symbol.

circular runout gd&t symbol.

Circular Runout: We need to show the runouts in our technical drawings. We need to use this symbol to show the runouts.

total runout gd&t symbol.

Total Runout: We can show the total runouts with this symbol in our engineering drawings.

Modifying Symbols

In addition, there are lots of modifying symbols in GD&T. Also, you can use these modifying symbols to give much more detail to your engineering drawings.


At Maximum Material Condition: We use this symbol which has the acronym of MMC to show the tolerancing condition of maximum material use.


At Least Material Condition: Also this symbol for showing the minimum material use conditions of engineering drawing tolerances.

Projected tolerance zone

Projected Tolerance Zone: We are using this GD&T symbol to show the projected tolerance zones of entities in engineering drawings.

Free state

Free State: GD&T symbol to show the free state of engineering drawing entities and features.

Tangent plane

Tangent Plane: To show the tangency tolerances and features, we use this symbol in our engineering drawings.


Independency: If there is an independent relationship between the features or entities in engineering drawings, use this symbol to show it.

Unequally disposed

Unequally Disposed of: Also, you can use this feature if there is an unequally disposed situation in engineering drawing features.


Statistical Tolerance: If this tolerance value has a statistical value to show to readers, use this symbol to show this.

Continuous feature

Continuous Feature: So, if there is a continuum of an entity or a feature, you can use this GD&T symbol to show it in engineering drawings.


Between: To show the relations between different entities and features in an engineering drawing, use the between symbol to show it in control frames.

All around

All Around: You can show a feature or tolerance for ‘all around’ of the entity by using this symbol for entities in technical drawings.

All over

All Over: Use the all-over symbol to show the tolerance or other value for ‘all over’ the entity.

Other Important Symbols

Dimension origin

Dimension Origin: You can show the dimension origins in control frames in your technical drawings.


Diameter: An ordinary diameter symbol to show in the GD&T control frames in engineering drawings.

Spherical diameter

Spherical Diameter: Also if you need to give a tolerance value related to the diameter of a sphere, you can use this GD&T symbol.


Radius: You can use an ordinary radius symbol in control frames of technical drawings.

Spherical radius

Spherical Radius: Also, this is the radius symbol for spheres in control frames of engineering drawings.

Controlled radius

Controlled Radius: If you want to show the controlled radius values in your engineering drawing, you can use this symbol.


Reference: You can insert the reference values inside this parenthesis with the value that is used in the general features of technical drawings.

Arc length gd&t symbol

Arc Length: Standard symbol in technical drawings to show arc lengths. Also, you can use it in control frames.

translation gd&t symbol

Translation: Translation GD&T symbol to use in engineering drawing control frames.

Square gd&t symbol.

Square: Square symbol to use in technical drawing geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.


These are the general types of symbols that we use in technical and engineering drawings to show lots of additional manufacturing features. They are very important standard shapes to transmit information about all the aspects of the parts.

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