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General Expression Of All Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing processes are very important detail of our civilization. There many of manufacturing processes such as machining, casting, 3D methods etc. All these manufacturing processes are defined in Mechanicalland. But all the manufacturing processes has same logic inside them. In this article we will define this logic that is very important to understand this logic. If you understand this logic, you will not face with any problem to learn all of manufacturing processes.

What Is The General Logic Of All Manufacturing Processes?

General expression of manufacturing processes.

All the manufacturing processes start with a ‘Starting Material’ as shown in figure a above. That starting material can be a processed part of another manufacturing process, or directly a raw material.

Generally that starting material is processed with various kinds of manufaclturing processes avaliable today. And general manufacturing processes have Machinery, Tooling, Powe and Labor inputs. These inputs are respresenting the added value to the starting material.

The processed part is obtained when the starting material is processed at manufacturing process. In general manufacturing processes, scrap or waste materials are also produced. And generally these scrap and waste materials can be recylcled. In other words, can be used in other manufacturing process.

So if we state the manufacturing process term again, it is addition of value to various materials or starting materials. These starting materials can be used in specific kind of application which makes the raw or starting material valuable.

Think about a casting process of a metal billet. Metal billet is a starting material, and for example you want to produce a automotive rim from it. First of all you need to melt this billet to pour it to the rim mold cavity. Moldings, melting equipments and operators or labor force are the value inputs basically to the starting material. The molten metal billet takes the shape of its mold, and you can use it as automotive rim. Low valued raw, billet metal is processed to make high valued automotive rim.

The general characteristics of manufacturing is basically like that.

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Source of image: Fundamentals Of Modern Manufacturing Book


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