General Goverment Codes and Industry Standards In Mechanical Engineering

In engineering and manufacturing, all the businesses, designs, and other commercial activities must be based upon standards and comply with the standards. For example, you are designing automobiles as a company, to sell in other countries, your serial production product must comply with the required standardizations of that specific product. These standardizations can change from region to region and country to country. So there must be specialists that know all these standards and orientate the designers according to these standards. 

If your product take accepted by these standards and responsible specialists for these standards, you can market your product. 

In this article, you can find the most used government codes and standards that are commonly used in mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering disciplines. 

General Codes and Standard Organizations

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  • AISI: American Iron And Steel Institute. Think about a situation where you are using a steel part in your product. The producer of that steel part or material must have AISI verification if you want to market your product in the US. 
  • ASME: American Society Of Mechanical Engineers. For example, -while you are creating your technical drawings, you need to comply with the general standards and rules defined by the ASME. 
  • ANSI: American National Standard Institution. This is much more general standardization compared with ASME or AISI. But there are lots of standards related to the mechanical engineering discipline. 
  • ASTM: American Society of Testing and Materials. If you want to build a testing laboratory to test your products according to standards, you will probably deal with this standard for the US.
  • AGMA: American Gear Manufacturers Association. As its name implies, all the standards that are related to gears and systems including gears are originated from AGMA standards for the US. 
  • NFPA: National Fire Protection Association. Think about you are designing or your company is designing cooking appliances to market in the US or other countries that adopted NFPA standardizations, you need to provide compliant products that will not lead to dangerous fires, stated in NFPA. 
  • AISC: American Institute of Steel Construction. This is actually about the steel systems that are used on constructions such as skyscrapers and bridges. 
  • UL: Underwriters Laboratories. If you are designing any product, you will probably deal with the UL verification to market your product in the Americas. 
  • ISO: International Standards Organization. This is one of the most known standardization institutions which include much more general statements and standards.

In general, these codes are updated on yearly basis both nationally and internationally.


These codes and standards are the most used and encountered ones in mechanical engineering. 

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