General Pattern Feature Of Siemens NX(Illustrated Expression)

In this text of Mechanicalland, we will show you how to pattern a feature only by selecting points in Siemens NX with General Pattern feature. It is very important and useful tool to do various kinds of patternings. You can find other patterns tool’s expressions of Siemens NX in Mechanicalland. Click on link and learn all of them!

How To Use General Pattern Tool In Siemens NX?

Click on Pattern Feature command.

To make a general pattern in Siemens NX, click on the Pattern Feature command in Siemens NX ribbon bar as shown by red arrow above.

Select the feature to general pattern in Siemens NX drawing scheme.

After entering to the Pattern Feature command, select the feature that you want to general pattern as shown by green arrow above.

Select the General option around other patterning tools.

Select the General method to make general pattern as shown in red box above.

Expression of General pattern in Siemens NX.

General Pattern works like; specify a point for ‘From’ section of command as shown by red arrow. The distance between that point and the feature is patterned is determined as blue lines above. When you select points for ‘To’ section as shown by green arrows above, instances will be created in same distance and direction with blue lines at every points.

You can select individual instances of General Pattern.

You can select individual instances from the section above, then you can right-click on them to delete, supress etc. in Siemens NX.

Click on OK or Apply button to complete General Pattern operation in Siemens NX.

Obtained General pattern.

The result of General Pattern in Siemens NX is as above. So making general patterns in Siemens NX with Pattern Feature command is very easy as you see.

Also you can find the expressions of other patterning methods in Pattern Feature command of Siemens NX in Mechanicalland. Click on link and learn all of them!


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