General Types Of Steels In Material Science And Manufacturing

We explained the all kinds of steel types that are used in industry and engineering with various kinds of applications. The area of ‘steel’ is very wide, and in this article we give the whole informations about steels and types of steels. Also you can find out the types of applications that steels are used from given article links from Mechanicalland.

Steel slabs(Image Source: Indiamart).

Classification Of Steels In Manufacturing

  • Plain Carbon Steels: That steel type is the most basic steel type that includes only carbon inside them as alloying element. There are three types of plain carbon steels and you can learn these types and in which applications that they are used in, by clicking on the given link.
  • Low Alloy Steels: These steel family includes the steel types that includes 5% or lower alloyed steels except carbon. You can learn the which alloying elements are used and which kinds of properties that these elements are giving these steels from the given link.
  • Stainless Steels: Stainless steels are very important material in industry. The property of stainless is came from the use of Chromium as alloying element. There are lots of types of stainless steel types that are used in various kinds of applications. Click on the given link about stainless steels from Mechanicalland and learn all these informations.
  • Tool Steel: This is a special classification of steels that for steels that are used in manufacturing processes or manufacturing toolings. And also there are bunch of types of tool steels that are used in different manufacturing operations. Click on the given link and learn about tools steels and its applications and properties.
  • Maraging Steels: This is also very specific steel type that used in very specific types of applications again. And the properties of that steel types is obtained for these specific applications. Click on the given link and learn about ‘Maraging Steels’.
  • FreeMachining Steels: This is a very special steel type that is produced for better machining and longer tool lifes in machining processes. To obtain these kinds of properties, several alloying elements are added into steel. Click on the given link and learn about the properties, alloying elements of free-machining steels.

This is the most common classification of steels in materials science and engineering. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about ‘Steel Types’ below!


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