Geometric Mean Calculation In MatLab

Geometric mean is a very important tool in such disciplines like Calculus, Data Analysis and others. It has the formula;

Calculation of geometric mean by hand can be troublesome. But calculation of geometric mean of set of data in Matlab is very easy with ‘geomean()’ command. Do not mix the geometric mean with arithmetic mean, they are different.

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In here, we explain how to calculate geometric mean of datas in Matlab with ‘geomean()’ command, with a very basic example below.

How To Use ‘geomean()’ Command In MatLab?

>> a = [2 6 3 4 64 64 3 43 6 14 6 163 6 3 61 6164];
x = geomean(a)

x =


As you see above, we created a vector that includes lots of numeric data inside it. Calculation of geometric mean of these lots of data can be troublesome compared with calculation in MatLab.

What you need to do is, just write the vector variable ‘a’ inside the parantheses of ‘geomean()’ command.

The result is given in Command Window like above.

>> a = [2 6 3 4; 64 64 3 4; 6 14 6 163; 6 3 61 6164];
x = geomean(a)

x =

    8.2391   11.2693    7.5758   63.3202

If you calculate the geometric mean of a matrix like above in Matlab, calculation will done for each columns elements. So the result will have vector like above that has number of columns of the matrix.

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