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Giving Horizontal Orientation To A Sketch In Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

Working with relations in Solidworks sketching is very time saving and efficient thing. We explained all the sketch relations of Solidworks, and we explained the giving horizontal orientation relation to a sketch entity in Solidworks, with a very basic example below.

How To Give Horizontal Relation In Solidworks Sketching?

Line that is not horizontal in Solidworks sketching.

As you see above, for example we have a line that is not horizontal. And we want this line to be horizontal in Solidworks sketching. To do it, just click on that line segment.

Giving horizontal relation to a line or sketch in Solidworks.

After clicking on that line, ‘Line Properties’ will be opened at left side of Solidworks interface. To make horizontal this line segment, click on ‘Horizontal’ option as in red box above from ‘Add Relations’ section. Then click on little green ‘Yes’ button as shown by green arrow above.

As you see again with red arrow, the line is horizontal. And horizontal relation icon is appeared at near of line.

Delete horizontal relation in Solidworks sketching.

Also you can delete that horizontal relation, by right clicking on that relation icon as shown by green arrow above, click on ‘Delete’ option as shown above in Solidworks sketching.

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