Giving Perpendicular Relation To Solidworks Sketch Entities(Illustrated Expression)

Relations are very important tools to create good sketches to obtain 3D geometries in Solidworks. We explained all the kinds of relations in Solidworks sketching, in Mechanicalland articles. In this content, we also explain how to give perpendicular relation between Solidworks sketch entities, with a very basic example below.

How To Give Perpendicular Relation Between Solidworks Entities?

Two of sketch lines in Solidworks sketching.

For example, you are in a sketch in Solidworks, and you have sketch entities that coincides each other like above. But you need to make them perpendicular to each other. To do it, select two of these line segments same time, by pressing Ctrl from you rkeyboard then clicking on them respectively.

Perpendicular relation between lines in Solidworks.

After clicking to select line segment in Solidworks like above, ‘Properties’ window will be opened at left side of Solidworks interface. Click on ‘Perpendicular’ from ‘Add Relations’ tab as shown in red box above, then click little green ‘Yes’ button as shown by green arrow above.

As you see, perpendicular relation between lines is constructed. Small icon on lines that shown by little red arrow above, shows the perpendicular relation in Solidworks sketching.

Delete perpendicular relation in Solidworks.

Also you can delete the perpendicular relation between Solidworks sketch entities. Right click on small perpendicular relation icon as shown by green arrow above, then click ‘Delete’ as shown in green box above.

Giving perpendicular relation between sketch entities in Solidworks sketching is very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and question about ‘Perpendicular’ relation in Solidworks sketching below!


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