Grinding, Polishing And Cutting Of Glass Products

Grinding, polishing and cutting of glass products are generally done according to the commercial purposes, as end processes in glass manufacturing sites. After glass melts inside special furnaces, required shaping operations are done to obtain required glassware shapes. After that, heat treatment operations applied to obtain required mechanical properties.

The last processes to applied to glass products are these grinding, polishing and cutting operations. In here, we explain these processes that are applied to glassware products.

Glass grinding.

Finishing Operations Applied To Glassware Products

Some of glasswares are produced with blowing and pressing operations in which seam marks are formed becuase of the split type of dies are used. These seam marks can be compensated with polishing operations after heat treatment applications.

Cleaning produced glass products.

Drawing and rolling of molten glass products are also very important applications to obtain glass containers. Because of the rolling and drawing tooling and machinery, surfaces of glasses can have scracthes and other defects which are not desirable in commercial basis. So, some polishing and grinding operations can be applied to clear off these defects after heat treatment processes again.

Some decorative and sightly glassware products are produced. In the production step of these types of glasses, some polishing, grinding, etching and coating operations can be applied.

Polishing glassware.

Cutting operations that are applied to glassware products are generally related with the production of long tubes and other flat glass products. These types of products are produced in continuous manner. So, cutting of these produced glasswares must be done into standard sizes in commercial basis. Like other finishing operatios that are applied to glassware products, cutting operations are done after heat treatment operations.

Conlusion For Finishing Operations Of Glasswares

As you might understand that finishing operations that are applied to glass products are same with the one that applied to metals.

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