Handsaw Recommendation From Mechanicalland!

Handsaw Recommendation From Mechanicalland!

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Handsaws are commonly used in different kinds of applications both outdoor and indoor. Outdoor applications that handsaws are used are; woodwork, metalwork, and other applications that specific cutting processes are made. 

In general, some features are expected from handsaws. One of these expectations is the ability to cut different types of materials. 

One of these materials is the plastic parts. In household applications, plastic pipes or fittings can be required to cut. So, a handsaw must be used. Another material is the metal parts. Basic and thin metal parts can be cut with handsaws. Also, laminated composite parts or materials can be cut with a handsaw.

Also, materials and mechanical strength are other important factor. In terms of safety, the handsaw mechanism must not be distorted or broken. While cutting the workpiece with a handsaw, people apply forces. The handsaw and handsaw blade must withstand these forces.

Cutting comfort is another important factor. According to their profession, people can use handsaws all day. So, the comfortableness of handsaws is very important. 

According to these features and facts that are expected from handsaws, Mechanicalland editors made deep research to find the best performing handsaw in the market. 

CRAFTSMAN Handsaw With 12-Inch Hacksaw!

Let’s take a look at the distinctive features of CRAFTSMAN Handsaw!

CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 12-Inch Hacksaw (CMHT20138)

If you are interested in the CRAFTSMAN Handsaw, you can click on the given link or you can click on the “Shop Now” button to check it from Amazon!

Wood, Plastic And Laminate Parts!

With the CRAFTSMAN Handsaw, you can cut wooden, plastic, and laminate structures parts easily and comfortably! The structure of the teeth of CRAFTSMAN Handsaw creates a very good cut surface! You can cut these materials with great comfort with CRAFTSMAN Handsaw!

High Strength Blade!

The blade of the CRAFTSMAN Handsaw can withstand tension forces up to 225lb in which you can be sure to apply all of your power while cutting workpieces! Also, the holding mechanism of the CRAFTSMAN Handsaw is durable to hold these forces!

Up To 12-Inch Deep Cuts!

Deep workpiece cuts can be established with CRAFTSMAN Handsaw! With the ability of 12-inch cutting deepness of CRAFTSMAN Handsaw, you can cut various sizes and thicknesses of workpieces!

Adjustable Blade Angles!

The blade angles of CRAFTSMAN Handsaw can be adjusted 90-180 degrees for different kinds of cutting operations! Because of this distinctive feature, you can make flush cuts with this product!

Comfortable Handling!

The knob design of the handle of the CRAFTSMAN Handsaw provides a very good handling comfort for professional users. Professional users will feel a different comfort while using CRAFTSMAN Handsaw! You can adjust the tension on the hacksaw with the knob!


If you are dealing with these kinds of tools in general, you may know the CRAFTSMAN brand, which produces the best price/performance products!

Other Sizes And Types!

You can also find other sizes and types of handsaws from Amazon, produced by CRAFTSMAN.


Mechanicalland strongly recommends this CRAFTSMAN Handsaw both for professional and household applications! Every toolbox, garage, or workshop must have one of these handsaws!

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