What Is Mechanical Engineering? How To Be A Good Mechanical Engineer?

We explained how to be a good design engineer before with a very comprehensive article in Mechanicalland. Actually, ‘how to be a good Mechanical Engineer?’ problem is also depends on the same phenomenons. But if we think about Mechanical Engineering itself, there must have some special charactheristics. In this article;

  • Who is ‘Mechanical Engineer’?
  • What Mechanical Engineering students must do?
  • What kinds of softwares that a Mechanical Engineer must know?
  • What are the areas of Mechanical Engineering?
  • What are the job oppotunities of a Mechanical Engineer?
  • What kinds of works Mechanical Engineers are doing in their jobs?

Who Is ‘Mechanical Engineer’?

Actually, mechanical engineer is who took the mechanical engineering certification by finishing the bachelor degree of mechanical engineering at authorized schools. So you can be a mechanical engineer, if you do this kind of thing. But it does not mean that you will be a good mechanical engineer if you finish one of related schools. Being goof mechanical engineer is not a easy stuff actually and we will try to explain how to be a good mechanical engineer.

Yes, education quality is also very important factor to be a good mechanical engineer. For example in some institutes such as MIT, engineerig education is superior. It can be said that only passing the exams of mechanical engineering education of MIT will be enough to be a somewhat good mechanical engineer. But these kinds of mechanical engineering schools are very exceptional if we consider all around the world. Every mechanical engineering schools in the world are not good as MIT or other prominent engineering institutes. So you need to have another achievements or qualifications that will make you precious like a MIT student.

What Mechanical Engineering Students Must Do?

Actually this question has not an exact answer. You are student, and you have lots of time generally. You need to be aware of this time, and you need to use that time to be a goof mechanical engineer. In general, you will be busy only for visa and final examinations in your engineering stundent life. To fill that time, you need be aware of, what are your advantages, what are your institutes advantages to deal with being a good engineer. For example in some schools or institutes, there can be very good events or student clubs that are dealing with specific tasks such as preparing a racing car for attending to a specific competition with other institutes. If you be a part of that kind of team after starting to your mechanical engineering studency life, you will graduate with very precious amount of experience and knowledge for your career. Because, you were the part of an engineering group that were making a ‘car’ actually.

Shell Eco-Marathon event for university students.

Your institution can have very good advantages like this example. So, be aware about the advantages of your institution to advance yourself in mechanical engineering. There can be very good voluntary events in your institution. You can take a part in these kinds of things to experience the being a team player which is also very important experience for your career.

You can also think about academic career. Your goal can be become a scientist in a specific area of mechanical engineering. What you need to do for this is, take part on academic works with your masters in your institution. And study to your lessons to achieve very high GPA for master degree in a prominent instution. This is an also another path that you can follow in mechanical engineering studency.

What Kinds Of Softwares That A Mechanical Engineer Use?

The answer for that question changes according to the specific area in mechanical engineering that you are working in. But, there are some kinds of general qualifications and computers skills that every mechanical engineer must have.

A good mechanical engineer must know mathematics in a very professional way. But we do not mean maths solving skills such as solving derivation or integral problems with hand. Yes this is also very important skill to asses ypur solutions but the most important mathematical skill is the mathematical modeling of an engineering problem. Every engineering problem has own mathematical and physical condition. To specify the unknowns in a physical or engineering problem, a good mechanical enginner can obtain the mathematical model of that problem to solve it.

Solving of these mathematical models is also very important stuff for a good mechanical engineer. Computer skills are very important in this phase. These are the most used softwares to solve mathematical problems by mechanical engineers. Every good mechanical engineer must know some of these softwares or programming languages to solve obtained mathematical problems or models.

Microsoft Excel

It is the most important and the mostly used numerical analysis software in mechanical engineering. There are lots of kinds of data analysis tools, and mathematical commands in Excel. And also it is a part of a Microsoft that almost every computer has this sofware. So if you want to start to learn a software for your mechanical engineering carrer, you need to start to learn Microsoft Excel.


It is an also one of the most known software for numerical analysis and data analysis in mechanical engineering. Because of its advanced programming language for maths, it is more superior and more professional software to solve engineering problems. Also Matlab has very good engineering simulation tool is called as Simulink. Learning MatLab will make you outstanding mechanical engineer.

YOU CAN LEARN MatLab IN MECHANICAL BASE; Click And Start To Learn MatLab!

As a mechanical engineer, you will deal with physical phenomenons and will design physical products or something like that. So the computational design ability is very important for a mechanical engineer. Designing or drawing 3D model of a physical model in a CAD softwares is very important skill to be a very good mechanical engineer. We suggest some of 3D CAD softwares that mechanical engineers generally use.


Probably it is the most known and used CAD tool to design 3D models. With the versatile tools of Solidworks, you can obtain your 3D design as a very good mechanical engineer. Also Solifworks has lots of additional tools such for molding, FEA(Finite Element Analysis) etc.

YOU CAN LEARN SolidWorks IN MECHANICAL BASE; Click And Start To Learn Solidworks!

Siemens NX

It is a very superior CAD tool that professional mechanical engineers are using today. Commands of Siemens NX is the most versatile ones to created 3D designs compared with other tools. And also CAM software of Siemens NX which is caller as Unigraphics CAM is also most important CNC programming software. The informative sources of Siemens NX is very few compared with other CAD tools again.


Technical drawing skills is also very important for a good mechanical engineer. Technical drawing in engineering is the common language between engineers, technicians and workers that shows the whole features of related engineering system. In other words, technical drawing is the language of engineering. So, you need to learn about reading of tecnical drawing, and creating the technical drawing that the system that you designed. You can create your technical drawings with technical drawing tools of Siemens NX, Solidworks and other CAD softwares. But we strongly recommend to you to learn AutoCAD 2D to create your technical drawings.

AutoCAD 2D

This is one of the most used CAD software to create 2D technical drawings of engineering systems. So we strongly recommend to you to learn the technical drawing standards in mechanical engineering and draw these technical drawings in AutoCAD 2D.


Because of developed computational technology, engineering simulations of real world systems are also very prominent in mechanical engineering. In general, these simulations are made in the base of finite element methods(FEM, FEA). If you progress yourself in FEA, you will be very precious engineer. So we will recommend you to some kinds of FEA softwares that you can learn.


This is one of the most used FEM software in mechanical engineering. You can build the physical computational model of various kinds of engineering systems such as fluids, solids, electrical or specific tasks such as gas turbines etc.


Image Source: Cyberspaceandtime


This is also very important and generally used Finite Element Analysis software that we recommend you to learn. Think about a mechanical engineer that can design systems with its mathematical basis, and solve these mathematical model to find out unknowns, also make the computer simulation of that system to see if the mathematical model and the physical simulations are consistent. Yes, he/she is a very good mechanical engineer!

Image Source: Simuleon

What Are The Areas Of Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is very wide area that you can progress yourself one of these specific areas. Here are some of mechanical engineering areas;

Thermodynamics And Heat Technics

Actually this branch of mechanical engineering is related to all engineering systems. Heat is in everywhere and engineer must consider the thermal situation of the system that is designed. Building the heat and thermodynamical model of engineerin systems is very important area of mechanical engineering.

Heat transfer phenomenon(Image source: Simscale).


Do not think about automotive is directly related to the automobiles. Yes automobiles are also part of automotive branch of mechanical engineering, but also internal combustion engines, electrical engines for automobiles, transmission systems of automotive products… actually all the phenomenons inside automobiles are related to automotive. The technologies of these things are also related eoth automotive.

Materials And Manufacturing

Like automobile, these branches are also separated from mechanical engineering in most institutons. But materials science and engineering and manufacturing engineering is a part of mechanical engineering. You can prograss yourself in these areas by studying mechanical enginerring. Individually, materials engineering and manufacturing engineering is very wide areas.

Classical Mechanics

This is the area that where mechanical engineering was born. It is directly related to dynamic systems and analyses of them and mechanics of materials such ad strength etc. We think that this is the best area to be (design engineer).

Image Source: Wikipedia.

Control Systems And Vibration Control

This area shares lots of think with electronics. Because this are includes the programming of robotic systems and the hardware of robotics actually. With control engineering, unwanted vibrations are also elimimated from engineering systems. Designing control systems to elemininate mechanical vibrations is also very important area of mechanical engineering. If you interested in robotic programming, you can progress yourself in this area in mechanical engineering.


It is the biggest sector in mechanical engineering that mechanical engineering students are very prone to this area. Petrolium, natural gas, wind turbines… All these things are related to that area of mechanical engineering.


This area deals with the engineering systems that includes fluids. One of the major examples of hydromechanics applications; gas turbines, jet engines, turbomachinery, hydraulic systems etc. These systems are working with varous kinds of fluid. So fluid mechanics is prominent in this area of mechanical engineering.

Image Source: Tudelft.

Construction Techniques

Actually this area’s principles depend on classical mechanics. But classical mechanics is more therotical. Construction techniques are used to design much more complex mechanical systems by using various kinds of machine elements. If you interested in general machinery systems, you can progress yourself in this area of mechanical engineering.

Probably you understand that the mechanical engineering is very wide ranged area. Bachelor degree of mechanical engineering educations gives you only the fundamentals of these areas. You need to select one of these areas to develop yourself in your career. Or you can develop yourself in these specific areas with master degree education of mechanical engineering.

What Are The Job Oppotunities Of Mechanical Engineering?

You read the areas of mechanical engineering right above and probably you understand the job oppotunities of mechanical engineering is limitless. Actually this situation gives the answer of why the mechanical engineers are very common in industry and other sectors. Selecting to study mechanical engineering is not actually selecting what will you do in your future or career. You need to select a subject like above, and your actual job will be defined. You can be a design engineer in an R&D office or manufacturing planner or procurement officer. These are very different qualifications, but all of them are related to mechanical engineering. So, you can select, what kind of job that you want to do in your future while you are studying mechanical engineering. Career oppotunities are very big.

What Kinds Of Works Mechanical Engineers Do In Their Jobs?

Actually, we gave the answer of this question in previous section. It is very wide range of different areas that a mechanical engineer can work. But most of mechanical engineers are employed in production and manufacturing. Designing and production of a part is a very big businnes. A mechanical engineer can design the vibrational charactheristics of a product in R&D department of a manufacturing site and another quality and control engineer can asses the qualities of produced parts in quality control departments. Another production engineer can design the production process of a part or product in production site. All of these engineers can be graduated from mechanical engineering schools.

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