How to Change AutoCAD Autosnap Marker Size(Illustrated Expression)

Auto snap marker size appears when you are making sketches on the drawing screen of AutoCAD®. Also, If your try to catch an important geometrical place on a previously sketched geometry such as the midpoint of a line in the drawing screen of AutoCAD®, the auto snap marker appears. But sometimes this auto snap marker’s default size could be very small according to some users of AutoCAD®. But this auto snap marker size is adjustable in AutoCAD®. In here, we will talk about how to change AutoCAD Autosnap marker size.

You can adjust your Autosnap marker in AutoCAD® according to yourself and this text shows how to change the autosnap marker in AutoCAD®. You can change your autosnap marker size ver easily if you apply the steps below in AutoCAD®.

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How to change Autosnap Marker Size in AutoCAD®?

Firstly, This small green pick box appears at the endpoint of a line called autosnap marker shown by the red arrow above. Autosnap marker appears only when you are sketching AutoCAD®. You can change the size of the autosnap marker.

Secondly, to change the autosnap marker size in AutoCAD®, right-click on the drawing scheme then click on the Options button as shown by the red box above.

After that, in the options of AutoCAD®, click on the Drafting tab in Options as shown by the red box above. You can change your Autosnap marker size by dragging the slider as the red arrow in AutoCAD® This is very basic like that.

For example, we made bigger our Autosnap marker size as you can see above. If you are done with the arrangement of autosnap size, click OK to complete it as in the red box above.

So, as you can see our green autosnap marker is very big right now.

Furthermore, AutoCAD® provides various tools to adjust the sizes of different objects that you are actively using while drawing. You can check the articles to see user preferences about sizes in AutoCAD®.


Finally, changing the Autosnap marker size in AutoCAD® is very simple like above. So, the answer of the question how to change AutoCAD autosnap marker size is very simple.

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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of AutoCAD®.


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