Changing Drawing Background Color in AutoCAD

AutoCAD® provides lots of options to adjust the main colors of whole elements in AutoCAD® software and the working environment of AutoCAD®. In this article, we will show you how to change the working environment color of AutoCAD®. You find the information about how to change the color of the 2D drawing environment of AutoCAD®. Changing AutoCAD drawing background color is very simple.

AutoCAD® users are generally prone to obtain a very novel working environment in AutoCAD® for them. And AutoCAD® has lots of options to do it. You could change the color of everything in the AutoCAD® working environment to obtain the original working environment in AutoCAD® for you. Follow the steps about how you change the color of the 2D drawing space of your AutoCAD® below.

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Option of AutoCAD® 2D Drawing Background Color

Autocad background
AutoCAD® drawing.

As you can see from above, the default color of AutoCAD® 2d drawing space is black. Sometimes it is not desirable when you work in daylight or working in night-long the lighter colors are not desirable. So follow the easy step to change the color of the AutoCAD® 2D drawing background.

Right click on the Autocad background
AutoCAD® options.

To change the AutoCAD® 2D drawing color, right-click on the drawing background of AutoCAD® then click on the Options as shown by the red arrow.

Click on the Display window and click on Colors...
AutoCAD® options window.

To change the AutoCAD®2D drawing scheme color, click on the Display tab of AutoCAD® options in the red box above then click on the Colors button as shown by the red arrow.

Select the background color
AutoCAD® background color change.

After clicking on the Colors button to change the AutoCAD® 2D drawing scheme color, click on the 2d model space in the Context box then click on the Uniform background in the Interface element as shown by the red arrow, then select your background color from the red box. Then click on the Apply&Close shown by the green arrow.

Also as you can see you could change other drawing elements’ colors in the same manner.

Click 'OK'.
Click OK to exit from AutoCAD® options.

Then click on the OK button in the main Options as shown by the green arrow.

The changed background color of Autocad.

Here is the result we changed the AutoCAD® 2D drawing space to white color.

Above all, AutoCAD® provides controls on lots of things like this in terms of user preferences. Check the articles below about the user preferences in AutoCAD®.


So, changing the AutoCAD® background color is simple like above.

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