Changing AutoCAD Crosshair Color(Illustrated Expression)

AutoCAD® provides a wide range of tools to customize the AutoCAD® working environments according to user preferences. So you can change the colors of general working environment elements of the AutoCAD® working environment. If you want to add your style to the AutoCAD® working environment, you could change the general stuff’s colors inside the working environment of AutoCAD®. So in this text, we will show changing AutoCAD crosshair color in the drawing environment.

You could change the crosshair color if you follow the easy steps in this article.

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How to Change the Color Of Crosshair in AutoCAD®?

As you could see above the default color of crosshair in AutoCAD® is white. You could follow the steps to change the color of the crosshair in AutoCAD®.

Firstly, to change the crosshair color in AutoCAD®, right-click on the main screen of AutoCAD® then click on the Options as shown by the green arrow.

After clicking on the Options to change the crosshair color in AutoCAD®, click on the Display tab as shown by the green arrow then click on the Colors button shown by the green arrow to change the color of the crosshair in AutoCAD®.

In this step click on the 2D model space from the Context box then select Crosshairs as shown by the green arrow from Interface Element. Select the new color of crosshair from the green box, then click on the Apply&Close button shown by the red arrow.

After that, click on the OK button as shown by the red arrow in the Options section of AutoCAD® to complete the crosshair color change process.

So, we changed the crosshair color to magenta in AutoCAD®.

Above all, AutoCAD® provides controls on lots of things like this in terms of user preferences. Check the articles below about the user preferences in AutoCAD®.


In conclusion, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about changing the Autocad crosshair color. You can change the color of the crosshair if you can not see the crosshair while you are working on your projects. Generally, it is up to you to select a proper color.

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  1. Tomcio Avatar

    what about AC mechanical 2023?
    I do not hve Display label.

    1. Uğur Uygun Avatar
      Uğur Uygun

      Actually, I do not any idea about Mechanical. But I will look for an answer.

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