Change AutoCAD Crosshair Size(Illustrated Expression)

This paper shows how to change the crosshair size in AutoCAD®. The option of crosshair size in AutoCAD® is very basic to use, you could easily change the crosshair size in AutoCAD® by following the steps that we introduced to you. Various AutoCAD® users prefer different crosshair sizes and this affects their working performance. Some AutoCAD® users are using much bigger crosshair sizes, other ones are using much smaller sizes of crosshair in AutoCAD®. Also as an AutoCAD® user, you could change your AutoCAD®crosshair size by following these steps. You will see, that changing AutoCAD crosshair size is very simple.

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How to Change AutoCAD Crosshair Size?

Generally, the crosshair size in AutoCAD® is around like above. You can change the crosshair size in AutoCAD by following these steps.

Firstly, to change the AutoCAD® crosshair size, right-click on the drawing screen and click on the Options shown by the red arrow.

After that, clicking on the Options to change the AutoCAD® crosshair size, click on the Display tab shown by the red box, inside the Display tab, you could change the crosshair size by dragging it or you could input a crosshair size number shown by the green box. After the adjustment of crosshair size in AutoCAD®, click on the OK button to finish the adjustment process of crosshair size in AutoCAD®.

Finally, we changed our crosshair size to 16 and you could see the result in AutoCAD®.

Above all, AutoCAD® provides various tools to adjust the sizes of different objects that you are actively using while drawing. Check the articles to see user preferences about sizes in AutoCAD®.


So, changing the crosshair size in AutoCAD® is very simple like above. Sometimes you can find the crosshair size is changed in AutoCAD®. You know how to change it. It is a very simple and very important parameter for your comfort. So, you need to adjust the crosshair color according to your comfort in the interface of the Autocad.

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