Changing AutoCAD Gridline Color(Illustrated Expression)

AutoCAD® users are generally utilizing gridlines to work in a much more comfortable status. The proper adjustments of AutoCAD gridlines are indeed very helpful in the comfortable working area. Also, AutoCAD® provides lots of options to AutoCAD users to adjust the AutoCAD® working environment according to user preferences. For example, AutoCAD® users could change the color of the AutoCAD® workspace elements. Also, AutoCAD®users could change the grid lines inside the drawing workspace in AutoCAD®.

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In this text, we will show you how to change the AutoCAD gridline colors in the AutoCAD® drawing environment. You could follow the very easy steps to change the grid colors of the AutoCAD® drawing environment.

How to Change Gridline Colors in AutoCAD?

As you can see the major and minor gridline colors in AutoCAD® are like that. It can be uneasy the see this gridline color in the AutoCAD® drawing environment. So if you follow the steps, you could achieve the color change of AutoCAD gridlines.

To change AutoCAD gridline colors, right-click on the drawing space in AutoCAD® then click on the Options… as shown by the red arrow.

From this window, click on the Display tab in the red box then click on the Colors… button as shown by the red arrow to change the gridlines color in AutoCAD®.

In this window, click on the 2D model space in the Context box in the red box then click on one of the Grid major line or Grid minor lines shown by a green box, then you could select the color of Grid major or minor lines in AutoCAD® from the blue box. In the end, click on Applt&Close shown by the blue arrow.

Then click ok OK as shown by the blue arrow to complete the AutoCAD gridline color change process.

AutoCAD® provides controls on lots of things like this in terms of user preferences. Check the articles below about the user preferences in AutoCAD®.


As you can see, we changed the Major gridline color to Magenta color and the Minor grid lines to blue. So, changing the AutoCAD gridline color is very simple.

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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of AutoCAD®.


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