Creating Chamfers in Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

There is a command that we call Chamfer in Solidworks® that you can create broken corner geometries at the edges of 3D geometries in Solidworks®. The usage of the Chamfer command in Solidworks® is very basic. So in this article, you will find the information about how to use the Chamfer command to obtain broken corner geometries in Solidworks® and how to use various additional features of the Chamfer command in Solidworks®. In other words, you will be able to use Chamfer geometry if you follow the example steps that we introduced to you below. You will see creating chamfers in Solidworks is very simple.

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How to Use Chamfer in Solidworks®?

Firstly, consider that you have a geometry like that in Solidworks® and you want to create chamfered corners on it.

Secondly, to do it, click on the Chamfer command in Solidworks® as shown by the blue arrow above to start the chamfering operation.

As shown in the blue box above, there are three Chamfer methods.

Creating Angle Distance Chamfers in Solidworks;

You select your edges from a 3D geometry in Solidworks® as shown by the blue arrows above, then you need to enter your chamfer length and angle value as in the blue box. And, as you can see from the preview, the angle and length work like above in the Chamfer command.

Creating Distance Distance Chamfers in Solidworks

After that, as you can see above, you can enter different chamfer distances as in the blue box for creating chamfer in Solidworks. So, You can understand from the preview, that you can obtain different distanced chamfer geometries in Solidworks®.

Creating Vertex Chamfer

Also, you can obtain a vertex chamfered geometry by choosing a vertex in Solidworks® geometry from the green box region as shown by the green arrow above. And, you enter each edge’s chamfer length values individually from the blue box to obtain your vertex chamfered geometry by using the Chamfer command in Solidworks®.

When you completer your Chamfer adjustments, click on the green yes symbol as the green arrow above to complete the creating chamfer in Solidworks.

Finally, this is the vertex example by using the Chamfer command in Solidworks®.

Above all, like the Chamfer command, Solidworks® provides very useful commands to create 3D objects and models easily. Check the other related articles about Solidworks®’ commands to obtain CAD designs below.


So, as you see above, it is very simple to create chamfers in Solidworks.

In conclusion, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the chamfer command in Solidworks®.

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NOTE: We used all the screenshots and images for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Solidworks®.


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