Creating Points in Siemens NX(Illustrated Expression)

In some cases, there could be a requirement about specifying a point in a CAD project to use later for some purpose in Siemens NX®. In this article, we will show you creating points ins Siemens NX by using the Point command. So, you could create your points efficiently if you follow the steps that we introduced to you. Siemens NX® provides lots of tools to create the desired geometry features in general, also you will understand that this fact is true for this topic also.

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How a Point is Created in Siemens NX®?

Firstly, to create a point in Siemens NX®, you need to click on the Point command as shown by the blue arrow.

Point Creating Methods in Siemens NX

Secondly, in the Point command interface, there are lots of point creating methods in Siemens NX as above.

  • Inferred Point: You could create your point by selecting a point in the drawing scheme in Siemens NX®.
  • Cursor Location: You could click on the drawing scheme to obtain points in Siemens NX®.
  • Existing Point: You could create points on existing points in Siemens NX®.
  • End Point: Simply selecting of en points of sketches in Siemens NX®.
  • Control Point: You could place your point to a control point of a Spline in Siemens NX®.
  • Intersection Point: You can select an intersection point of sketches to place your point in Siemens NX®.
  • Arc/Ellipse/Sphere Center: You can place your point in the center of an arc, an ellipse is a sphere in Siemens NX®.
  • Angle on Arc/Ellipse: You could place your point on arc or ellipse by entering an angle value to place your point o arc or ellipse at an angle in Siemens NX®.
  • Quadrant Points: You can place your point in quadrants of an arc.
  • Point On Curve: Edge: You could place your point on an edge or face by clicking on Siemens NX®.
  • Point On Face: You could place your point on a selected face or plane.
  • Between Two Points: You place your point by selecting two points to place your point between them by entering a value.
  • Spline Pole: You could place your points on the selected Spline pole in Siemens NX®.
  • Spline Defining Point: You can place your point on selected Spline defining points.

Point Creating in Siemens NX

For example, we selected an edge of the geometry to place our point as shown by the blue arrow. Also, you can enter your X, Y, and Z coordinates according to the selected reference to place your point in the blue box in Siemens NX®. You could finish your creating points Siemens NX® by clicking on the OK or Apply buttons as shown by the green box.

Finally, our point is created as shown by the green arrow above.

There are lots of other commands in Siemens NX® like creating points in Siemens NX. Check the related posts about Siemens NX® to learn about other useful referencing commands.


So, creating points in Siemens NX is very simple like this.

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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Siemens NX®.





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