How to Create SEO-Friendly Contents for Manufacturing Industries?

SEO is a very important part of all the industries and business types in today’s technology. If you want to build a successful business today, you need to have a very good internet face and interface to serve your customers. Also for manufacturing industries, it is very important to show all the services that you are serving your customers on your internet website. 

To do it, you need to create SEO-friendly and organic content to introduce yourself and compete in the critical keywords for your manufacturing or industrial company. Here, we would like to introduce some tricks for creating SEO-friendly articles and content for your website. 

Creating SEO-Friendly Contents for Manufacturing Industries

After the main and target keywords are defined, you need to look at the potential competitors in these keywords. Which kinds of websites were created and which kinds of content to rank in these keywords. 

Analysis of Competitor Websites and Pages

There are various SEO tools to do these kinds of analyses such as Semrush. You can use these kinds of tools to look at which kinds of websites are ranked in the top places of the search engines for the target keywords that you selected. 

For the keywords that have very high competition, very old websites with high quality are ranked in the top places. To out-rank, these websites are a very hard thing for a newly created website. In general, the contents are high in quality for the very high competition keywords. So, a clever selection of the proper keywords must be made.

If the selected target keywords are not high, the top-ranked websites are not high in terms of the page rank or the domain authority. So, out-ranking these website is quite easy with a very good SEO campaign. 

In the manufacturing industry, SEO is generally quite easy. Because in general, the websites of the manufacturing and industrial companies are not of high quality. Professional SEO is not common as in other service sectors, in manufacturing and industrial companies. 

Analysis of the Top Ranked Contents

The quality of the content to rank in top places in search engines is very important. Users should find useful data and satisfying information about your services and you from your content. You need to take a look at the top-ranking contents in the target keywords that you selected. And your content must be better than this content to rank in the first place in terms of; 

  • Length of the article, 
  • Backlink use of your article, 
  • Grammar, 
  • Internal links, 
  • Attractiveness, 
  • Value of information, 

If your articles and contents are better than the content that ranked in first place in target keywords, you will have a chance to rank in better places in search engines. 

Also for manufacturing industries, the average competition is not high as in other service sector companies. You have a very great chance to apply a good SEO campaign for your manufacturing and industrial companies to find potential customers from the internet. 

A Case Study

You are a machine tool supplier to other countries of the world and you won’t get in the first places on the search engines with the keyword of ‘machine tools suppliers in Canada’. If we make a top-ranking page analysis for this keyword, we are reaching a website(we are not giving any full name) that has a very page rank for search engines. 

According to Semrush data, the domain authority of the first ranked website is 9 out of 100 which is very low. Probably, this website is newly built. 

If we take a look at the contents of this website, it is a very basic website that introduces the general services with short articles. 

As you understand, the competition for the selected keyword is very low and if you rank in the first place for this keyword, it will open the Canadian market for your machine tool supplying business. 

You just need to create a high-quality interface for your website and add some high-quality articles about your products and services. You can open a small blog for your page to share some attractive content about the field in which you are working such as the latest technological advancements in the machine tool industry. It will easily put you in the first place of search engines for this keyword. 


Ranking in the first places of search engine inquiries is very simple with the creation of SEO-friendly high-quality content for your manufacturing and industrial companies and businesses.

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