Indexing Vector Elements in Matlab

In general, matrices are used in mathematical calculations in Matlab®. Also, you can obtain vectors according to your purpose in Matlab. For example, if you have a vector that includes your various numbers inside it, you could require taking a specific number to use it in another mathematical calculation in Matlab which is called indexing. So in this text, we will show you how to index a number from a vector by showing a basic example below in Matlab®. In other words, you will see indexing vector elements in Matlab is very simple.

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How to Index a Number of a Vector in Matlab®?

>> v = linspace(1,100,15)
z = 5*v(5)

v =

  Columns 1 through 9

    1.0000    8.0714   15.1429   22.2143   29.2857   36.3571   43.4286   50.5000   57.5714

  Columns 10 through 15

   64.6429   71.7143   78.7857   85.8571   92.9286  100.0000

z =



Firstly, as you can see above, we created a vector by using the linspace command that includes 15 elements inside it. For example, we want to take the fifth element of this matrix then multiply it with 5 in Matlab®. As you can see above, it is very basic to do it. Only type v then write the which element that you want to use inside parentheses right after that.

It is very basic to do in Matlab® like that. But sometimes this method could very important in some mathematical calculations. For instance, you obtained your experiment results as a vector. After that, you want to apply a specific value inside your experiment to a formula. You could simply index this element from your vector and then obtain your mathematical calculation in Matlab.

Above all, Matlab provides very good tools and commands to monitor the vectors in different ways. You can use these commands to calculate complex mathematical and engineering problems easily. Check the other articles showing the Matlab vector monitoring capabilities.


So, indexing the vector elements in Matlab is very simple to use in your further mathematical calculations.

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