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Extrude Command in Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

In Solidworks®, Extruded Boss/Base command is one of the main commands in Solidworks® features. You could obtain your primary solid body by using this Extruded Boss/Base command from previously obtained 2D sketches. In this text, we will show you how the extrude command is used in Solidworks®. And what is the feature of Extrude command in Solidworks. You could obtain your extruded geometry by following the steps that show how to use Extrude command in Solidworks.

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How to Use Extrude Command in Solidworks?

Before the usage of Extrude command , you need to obtain your sketch by using the sketch command in plane. After that, after sketching operation, click on the end sketch as the red arrow to start the use of the command.

Firstly, to start the Extruded Boss/Base, click on the Extrude command in Solidworks shown by the red arrow.

Secondly, as you can see, the Extrude command automatically selected the intended extrude sketch area as shown in the red box. You could also deselect this and choose another sketch to extrude in Extrude command in Solidworks.

Extrusion Options in Solidworks

In direction 1 in Extruded Boss/Base command, you could select extrude method from the pop-up menu as the red box;

Blind: You could make you extrude up to where you take the extrusion arrow in drawing scheme.

Up To Vertex: Making your extrude process up to vertex of a feature in your drawing by selecting a vertex.

Up To Surface: If you want to make your extrusion up to a surface in the drawing, you could use this by selecting the surface in Extruded Boss/Base command.

Offset From Surface: This option starts your extrude process from a selected plane or surface, not from the main sketch plane.

Up To Body: This feature of Extruded Boss/Base command in Solidworks®, makes your extrude process up to a selected body with doesn’t care about whether this body has a curved structure.

Mid Plane: This option of Extruded Boss/Base command in Solidworks®, makes the extrude process symmetrical base according to the sketch plane.

You could also input an extrusion length shown in the red box if you selected the Blind option of Extruded Boss/Base command.

Adding Draft Angles and Thin Features

Also, you can give a draft angle to your extrude product as shown in the yellow box by clicking on the drafting symbol and specifying an angle.

And you could make all the adjustments by selecting Direction 2 and you could do all the adjustments on a different basis to obtain extrude in symmetrical value about the main plane in Extruded Boss/Base command in Solidworks®.

Also, in the Thin feature in Extruded Boss/Base command in Solidworks®, you could input your thickness value as shown in the green box, of your extrude geometry. You can see the result in the drawing.

You could finish your extrude process by using Extruded Boss/Base command in Solidworks® clicking on the green yes symbol as shown by the green arrow.

Above all, Solidworks® provides various kinds of commands to create 3D objects effectively. So, you can check the other useful commands in Solidworks® to create 3D objects.


So, the use of the Extruded Boss/Base command in Solidworks® is very simple like above.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the Extruded Boss/Base command in Solidworks®.

NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Solidworks®.


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