Autosave Options in AutoCAD(Illustrated Expression)

When you are working with a very complex project in AutoCAD or another software, it is very important to save your work periodically against the situation of abruptly shutting off AutoCAD or your computer. The whole work will be trash because you did not save it in that software. AutoCAD has a very basic option that you can adjust according to yourself. By adjusting that option, AutoCAD will save your works periodically automatically in time intervals that you specified. So in a bad situation like above, your whole work will not be trash. You will see that autosave options in autosave options in Autocad are very simple.

Here, we will show you how to adjust the AutoCAD to save your works automatically on a periodical basis. Also, we will show you how to specify the autosave time in AutoCAD and from where you can do this thing in AutoCAD options. So, you will be able to adjust the autosave option in AutoCAD if you follow the steps below.

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How to Arrange Autosave in AutoCAD®?

It is very easy to arrange autosave options in Autocad like below;

To adjust autosave options in AutoCAD, you need to right-click on the drawing screen in AutoCAD® and then click on the Options as shown by the red box.

Firstly, in the AutoCAD®options window, click on the Open and Save tab as shown by the red box above to arrange autosave in options in AutoCAD.

You can select your autosave file type in AutoCAD® from the green box above, then you need to tick on Automatic save to open auto-save in AutoCAD® as shown by the green arrow. After that, you can enter your autosave period into the box as shown by the red arrow.

After you finished the adjustments of AutoCAD® autosave on your PC, click on the OK button to complete your autosave adjustments in AutoCAD®.

Other Options about Autosave in AutoCAD

  • Create a backup copy with each save: Also, you can see some selections inside the File Safety Precautions pane. If you tick the ‘Create Backup Copy with Each Save’, an autosave will create a backup copy. And with this backup copy, you can return to the last saved backups. For example, you need a file that was saved 5 times before in autosaving. But additional savings are made by the autosave in Autocad. If you create backups with this option, you can turn to this backup copy.
  • Full-time CRC validation: This is the option of Autocad which is about the crashed files. If you prevent the save crashed files, you can activate this option.
  • Maintain a log file: If you have a log file, this log file includes all the log recordings related to your works that are saved with the Autocad autosave option.
  • Display digital signature information: If you have a digital signature in your works, you can display it in your saves.

Do Not Need to Save Manually; Use Autosave Options in AutoCAD!

Use this feature of AutoCAD and if you adjust the autosave in Autocad, you do not need to save manually.

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The adjustments of the autosave option are very simple like above in AutoCAD®.

Finally, you can deal with very complex studies and works in AutoCAD. And losing these works because of a saving error will be very dramatic for you. So, if you use the AutoCAD Autosave feature, you will not lose your work. Your works will automatically save. If you accidentally close AutoCAD, you do not need to worry about unsaved files or works.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the autosave options in AutoCAD®.

NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of AutoCAD®.


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