How to Select Proper Target Keywords for SEO of Manufacturing Companies?

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SEO is a very important tool for manufacturing and engineering companies. You can find your potential customers with SEO. If your manufacturing and engineering company will rank in the top places of the target keyword, you will find your potential customers more likely. But, proper selection of the target keywords is very important stuff before starting an SEO campaign for your manufacturing or engineering company. 

Here, we briefly explain the general strategies to define proper keywords for your manufacturing company to appear on the top places of the search engines. 

Selecting Keywords for the SEO of a Manufacturing/Engineering Companies

Engineering and manufacturing businesses are common around the world and in every country, they can find a business market. So, country and local-oriented keyword selection are very important. 

Do Not Select High-Competition Keywords

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Lots of kinds of keyword variations can be extracted from a word that you want to rank in the first place. The clever selection of keywords is very important. Do not select general keywords that are very hard to rank in the search engines. You need to select, specific and long-tail keywords where is competition is low. SEO costs will be heavily affected by the selected set of keywords. 

For example, you are a metal casting company that casts metal parts to export to other countries. You want to find your potential customers around the world. The Internet is the biggest tool that you can use to find a potential customer for your company. So, you want to select the keywords that you want to find the potential customers around the world. 

If you select a keyword such as ‘metal casting’, this keyword is a very general term and it is not a customer-oriented buyer keyword. And the competition for this keyword is very high according to the data of the keyword analysis tools such as Semrush. According to the Smerush data, you need to create at least 60 well-built articles and referring links to rank in this keyword and it is quite hard. And if we think the SEO costs, ranking in this keyword will be very inefficient for your¬†metal casting¬†company.¬†

But if you select, the ‘metal cast part suppliers in Germany’ keyword, this is a direct buy keyword and if you rank with this keyword or with the combinations of this keyword, it will be very easy to rank and the visitors from this keywords will be your potential customers from Germany. SEO costs will be much lower and this keyword is the potential customer-oriented keyword. 

If the keyword selection is logical like this, ranking on these keywords in search engines will be much easier. You need to use special tools and professional people to work with to make keyword selection for manufacturing or an engineering company logical and clever. 


These are the general principles for the keyword selection for the SEO campaign for manufacturing and engineering companies. 

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