Simplifying Geometries in ANSYS DesignModeler

In ANSYS® analyses, you need to obtain a very good mesh geometry for accurate analyses. Good mash geometry depends on somewhat different parameters and one of these parameters is the structure of used geometry in analyses in ANSYS. So, this geometry must have a proper structure to obtain a good mesh on it. Therefore improve the appropriateness of your geometry’s ability to have meshed well, you could Simplify your geometry by opening in DesignModeler. Also, this article shows you how to Simplify your imported geometry to ANSYS in DesignModeler. If you follow the below example of simplifying geometry, you will understand how to Simplify your geometry in ANSYS. You will see that simplifying geometries in ANSYS is very simple.

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How to Simplify Your Geometry in ANSYS DesignModeler?

After importing your geometry to ANSYS® Workbench, you just right click on the Geometry tab at the analysis, then click on the ‘Edit Geometry in DesignModeler…’ as shown by the red box above to open your imported geometry in DesignModeler.

After that, after the DesignModeler is opened, make ‘Yes’ the two options inside DesignModeler that are ‘Simplify Geometry’ and ‘Simplify Topology’ tabs as shown by the red box above.

And, after doing the required adjustments for simplifying geometry in DesignModeler, right-click on ımported geometry and click Generate as shown by the red arrow above, or click directly on the Generate button as shown by the red box above.

Finally, this is your generated and simplified geometry. So, just exit from the DesignModeler by clicking the exit button above to complete the simplifying geometry operation in ANSYS®.

Above all, ANSYS® DesignModeler is a vert useful pre-editing 3D CAD tool that prepared by ANSYS®. There are various useful features of ANSYS® DesignModeler that you can learn. Check them below.

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