Lofted Boss Command in Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

In this article, we will show the what is Lofted Boss/Base command in Solidworks® and how you can use the Lofted Boss/Base command. Furthermore, what are the features of the Lofted Boss/Base command in Solidworks, and what kind of geometries you can obtain by using this command? So, we use the Lofted Boss/Base command for obtaining 3D geometries utilizing various 2D sections in different planes. You could obtain very aesthetic 3D geometries by using the Lofted Boss/Base command.

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How to use Lofted Boss/Base Command in Solidworks?

Firstly, from the example above, you can see the different 2D sections that obtained different planes in Solidworks®, and these 2D sections are connected with a 3D sketched guideline. And, we could use Lofted Boss/Base to obtain a 3D geometry. Click on the Lofted Boss/Base command as shown by the red arrow above.

So, on these different planes, you can draw different kinds of closed shapes. And also, you can connect these skecthes with different designs of lines. The lofted feature will take shape according to these skecthes.

Secondly, in the Lofted Boss/Base command, we selected the profiles in the red box, and red arrows are showing these profiles for lofting above. And we selected the guide curves(you do not need to select guide curves for Lofted Boss/Base) in the green box above, and the green arrows are showing the guide curve.

After that, you need to select the sketch features properly in the Lofted Boss/Base command. And the connections between these curves must be good and apparent. Otherwise, the Lofted Boss/Base command will give an error to you.

Thin Feature and Other Options of Lofted Boss/Base Command in Solidworks

If you want to obtain pipe-like Lofted Boss/Base geometry, you could select the Thin Feature in the Lofted Boss/Base command, then you need to specify your geometry’s thickness. You can obtain hollow geometries which you can use in fluid flow analyses.

The understanding of curvature in Solidworks® could be somewhat hard. You could select extra curvature visualizers such as mesh preview or zebra stripes etc. you could view the curvature on your geometry by Lofted Boss/Base command in Solidworks®.

These curvature displays add some visual sight to make the observation of that object more possible.

If you completed your adjustments in the Lofted Boss/Base command, you need to click on the green yes symbol as shown by the green arrow above.

This is our final geometry obtained with the Lofted Boss/Base command. You could see the difference between the guide curve used side(shown by the red arrow above), and the non-guided curve is used side(shown by the green arrow). And also our geometry is hollow because we selected Thin Feature.

You can hide extra planes that you create for the Lofted Boss/Base command in Solidworks.

Solidworks® provides very useful commands to create complex 3D models effectively. Like Lofted Boss/Base command, there are lots of kinds of useful 3D shaping commands in Solidworks. If you learn these commands effectively, it will be very useful for you. The commands of Solidworks® are very easy-to-use. Check the other useful 3D modeling commands of Solidworks® below.

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The use of the Lofted Boss/Base command in Solidworks® is very simple to create lofted shapes and geometries. As you see above, you can create different shapes of models with the Lofted Boss/Base command. With proper use of lofting paths, you can create smooth designs and smooth surface designs.

For example in the design of automotive external sheets, you can easily use the Lofted Boss/Base command in Solidworks. You can create smooth designs with the guidelines of loft shaping.

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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Solidworks®.


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