Revolved Boss in Solidworks; Explanations with Illustrations

In Solidworks, you could obtain revolved geometries by revolving a sketch contour around a selected axis. You could achieve this kind of work by using Revolve command in Solidworks. So in this text, we will show you how to use the Revolved Boss command Solidworks and what are the features of Revolved Base command in Solidworks.

How to Use Revolved Boss/Base Command in Solidworks?

Firstly, you could have this kind of sketch that could be used in Revolved Boss in Solidworks. And, click on the Revolved Boss/Base command as shown by the green arrow.

After the opening of Revolved Boss/Base command, you could select your contours as the green arrow to revolve around an axis from the section that is in the green box.

In addition to this, the sketch features should be proper for the Lofted Boss/Base command. The contour sketch must be closed. And the revolving axis must be linear. Otherwise, you will face an error from the Lofted Boss/Base command.

After that, you could select your axis of rotation in Revolved Boss command in Solidworks as shown by the green arrow. You can see and assess the preview of the revolved geometry.

So, from this section of in Revolved Boss in Solidworks, you could select your Revolved Boss/Base method;

Blind: Revolving up to your input angle.

Up To Vertex: Revolving up to a selected vertex in another drawing feature. If you want to make the revolve operation up to a vertex of another object, you can select this option.

Up To Surface: Revolving up to a selected surface in another drawing feature or plane.

Offset From Surface: Revolving starts from a selected surface, not from the main sketch plane.

Mid Plane: Revolving symmetrical base around main sketch plane. The angle value that you enter will be divided equally around this angle.

Also, select direction 2 as shown by the green box to do some adjustments as direction 1 in Revolved Boss/Base command in Solidworks to obtain symmetrical revolved geometry by different settings around the selected plane.

Thin Feature and Other Options of Revolved Boss Command in Solidworks

Also, you could select the Thin Feature in Revolved Boss/Base in Solidworks that you could enter a value to obtain a revolved geometry that has a specific thickness that you entered.

Finally, to complete the revolving operation by using Revolved Boss/Base command in Solidworks®, click on the green yes symbol as shown by the green arrow.

Above all, the 3D geometry creation commands of Solidworks® are very useful and very easy to use. You can create complex 3D models in Solidworks® with lots of useful commands. Check the other important useful 3D modeling commands in Solidworks® below.


So, the use of the Revolved Boss in Solidworks to create 3D rotational and circular models is very simple as you see above.

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NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Solidworks®.


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