Revolved Cut Command in Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

In this article, you will find information about the Revolved Cut command in Solidworks. We use Revolved Cut command for the cutting material from a 3D geometry in Solidworks. It is working as Revolved Boss/Base but the difference is, we for cutting from 3D geometries in Solidworks®. Also, there are other types of the feature of Revolved Cut in Solidworks.

In other words, you will learn how to use all the features of Revolved Cut in Solidworks by the below steps. Also, there is a very basic example to understand the logic of Revolved Cut in Solidworks. Also, you will understand which kinds of geometries we can obtain with Revolved Cut command.

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How To Use Revolved Cut In Solidworks®?

For example, we want to cut out a sketch geometry as above from a 3D geometry by rotating around an axis on this 3D geometry by using Revolved Cut command in Solidworks®.

Secondlu, you need to just click on the Revolved Cut command as shown by the red arrow above to start the Revolved Cut operation in Solidworks.

Inside the Revolved Cut command, you can select a contour area from the red box region as shown above like contours as shown by the red arrow also in Solidworks®.

Also, you need to select an axis of rotation from the red boxed region above for the selected rotating contour in Revolved Cut command in Solidworks®.

Different Methods to use Revolved Cut command in Solidworks

For direction 1 in Revolved Cut command in Solidworks®, you can choose a cutting method from the red boxed region above;

Blind: You can enter an angle value for cutting operation with Revolved Cut command.

Up To Vertex: You can choose a vertex from geometry in 3D drawing in Solidworks®. The cutting operation will complete up to this vertex with Revolved Cut command.

Up To Surface: You can select a surface inside the drawing in Solidworks® and the cutting operation will be done up to this surface/plane etc. with Revolved Cut command.

Offset From Surface: You can start your cutting operation from a surface that you selected, you can also enter an offset value that where you want to start your revolved cut operation from the surface that you selected in Revolved Cut command in Solidworks®.

Mid Plane: You can make a symmetric cutting operation with this. The angle value that you entered will be separated between two sides of the symmetry plane which is your sketch contour’s plane also in Revolved Cut command in Solidworks®.

You can also do your adjustments like Direction 1 in Direction 2 in Revolved Cut command. The difference from the midplane is, you could not do a different cutting with the midplane, but you can do a different cutting for direction 2 in this option in Revolved Cut in Solidworks®.

You Can Use Thin Feature

Also, you can use also a thin feature in Revolved Cut command to obtain offset cut regions in Solidworks®.

You can click on the green yes tick as shown by the red arrow above to complete the Revolved Cur operation.

Above all, there are various kinds of commands in Solidworks® to make the 3D part modeling easy. Check the other 3D modeling tools that Solidworks® have.


Finally, as you can see the operation, uou can make like that with Revolved Cut command. You can observe the geometrical difference from conventional extruded cut in Solidworks®.

So, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the Revolved Cut command in Solidworks®!

NOTE: We use the screenshots and images for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Solidworks®.


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