Swept Cut Command in Solidworks(Illustrated Expression)

Swept Cut command in Solidworks is a very special command that you can do your eccentric cutting operations through 3D geometries. So, you can obtain geometries like 3D geometries that have very specific channels with Swept Cut command in Solidworks. But you need to prepare a very good sketch and contour to complete Swept Cut operation in Solidworks successfully.

With this article, you will be aware of how to use Swept Cut in Solidworks. And how to use various features of this command in Solidworks®. Also, you will learn what kinds of geometries could be obtained by using Swept Cut in Solidworks.

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How to Use Swept Cut in Solidworks?

Firstly, consider a situation in which you want to carve a circular hole that has a path like the blue path above in a 3D geometry by using Swept Cut command in Solidworks®.

Moreover, it is very important to have proper paths and proper guide curves for this command. Otherwise, the use of the command will be very hard and you will face errors from the command. If you want to obtain your sweeping cut operation, you need to have a proper sketch geometry. You can use planes and 3D sketching commands in Solidworks to obtain the required sketch entities.

First of all, you need to open the Swept Cut command as shown by the red arrow above to carve the geometry in Solidworks®. You will notice that it is a very useful and very basic command to do this operation.

Proper Selection of Guide Curves is Important

After that, the path must be selected as shown by the red arrow above and the profile must be selected as shown by the green arrow.

Also, the distinction between the path and the gu, ide curves is very important. As we stated above, you need to have a proper sketch entity for it. And you need to select these sketches correctly in this command.

But you can also select Circular Profile as shown by the green arrow above that you can select only a path and then enter a diameter value to Swept Cut the geometry.

You can obtain different kinds of structures inside the solid bodies with this option of the Swept Cut command in Solidworks. This makes the opinion channels in solid bodies easy.

Selecting Extra Guide Curves

Also, you can select extra guide curves that trace the same path as the main path, which give other specific shapes to your cutting operation with Swept Cut operation in Solidworks®.

You can obtain very different shapes by selecting this option. Add extra guide curves into the Swept Cut in Solidworks to obtain more accurate results.

And then, as you can see above, if you select the thin feature shown in the green box in Sweep Cut, the craved geometry will be as shown by the green arrows above.

Moreover, the thin feature command is very useful to obtain different types of channels. Also, in some of the fluid flow analyses, you can obtain the required channel geometries with these additional features of this command.

You can select a curvature display such as Mesh Preview, Zebra Stripes, and Curvature Combs option to observe the curvature of your obtained 3D geometry after the Swept-Cut operation.

Sometimes, it can be hard to view the geometries in the intended way to visualize for others. So, you can use these Curvature Display options to make the visualization of the part better. Also, you can use these display options while you are preparing your presentations.

So, after you finished your Swept Cut operation options, you need to click on the green yes button as shown by the green arrow above.

Finally, as you can see from the section view of our carved geometry, Swept Cut command worked very well in Solidworks®. 

Above all, there are various 3D modeling commands in Solidworks® to obtain 3D complex models easily. Check the other commands in Solidworks® to create 3D models effectively.


So, the use of the Swept Cut command in Solidworks® is very simple to create internal carvings in 3D models.

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the Swept Cut command in Solidworks®.

NOTE: All the screenshots and images are used for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Solidworks®.


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