Importance of Gender Equality in Engineering

Equality is one of the biggest problems, and it is encountered in too many areas. Many equality issues, such as opportunity, and salary, are raised. In contrast, there is now a very wrong perception that even professions have begun to be classified as women’s professions are professions suitable for women; there are false perceptions such as men’s professions are professions ideal for men. Women and men are qualified to do the same profession’s skills may show different, but women are qualified to do the same jobs as men. We should stop classifying professions as gender. There is no gender in success, and gender men do not determine skills can make up very well, and women can drive very beautifully. It is essential that the characteristics of the person who chooses this profession, not the profession, are in this article in the engineering profession gender equality we will talk about

What is the Place of Women and Men in Engineering?

Even if the engineering branch is perceived as a male profession, female engineers have increased tremendously in recent years. Contrary to popular belief, women’s Engineering profession is highly qualified, which is very convenient for them. This has now begun to reduce the gender inequality situation. Since femininity is in the minority in engineering, it is possible to observe changes in emotions and movements in people, but we have too many examples of successful female engineers. The way to reduce this inequality is to break down prejudices and women engineers’ role models.

It will help to exchange ideas with people who have experience in this field. Including women in large-scale projects will be a light for other engineers. Even if possible, observing a female and a male engineer in their workplaces proves that there is no gender discrimination in this profession. The engineering profession, which opens up to various fields, has several challenges in all areas, and the idea that women can face these challenges should not go out of mind. Engineering should take a favorable position for women who reject entirely the concept of “Engineering “that women can’t.” Successful women who are engineers, and even if possible a woman and a man who are engineers observe us at worksites in this profession gender inequality there is evidence that there is the engineering profession, which opens up to various fields, has several difficulties in all areas, and the idea that women can cope with these difficulties should not go out of mind.

Engineering should take a favorable position for women. There are many large and successful international studies of successful women who are engineers. The engineering profession differs regionally; The increase and decrease in numbers vary according to Engineering.

What are the Events in Occupational Inequalities?

Let’s talk about a success story to encourage equality and engineering in us. In a corporate company where High Engineers worked, most female engineers could get up to a place, and then they could not get up again because there were criteria such as staying on the night shift, provided that they could get up to a certain level. However, women were prevented from working night shifts at the same workplace. For this reason, many female engineers could not stay on night shifts and could not meet the promotion criteria because they did not last.

At the same time with itself, and when the same quality that began with the Rising of male engineers became the administrator, and in return, careers and salaries increased, while being a woman who couldn’t solve this problem induced the reasons for resignation and the resignation of Women Engineers gave an apparent inequality is stated that in this situation.

After starting another job and leaving work, former executives of the company also called for the resignation for the reasons he had discussed the problem presented in the change they designed on this situation for a long time, and after the event in question and they told me to remove discriminatory practices they invited her to go back to work. A female engineer has made the following statements when describing this situation, I have not returned to this company, but after me, my other female colleagues who work or will work in this company will no longer face such a discriminatory, exclusionary practice statement.


We should choose our professions according to our skills, not society’s perception; our gender cannot decide on the job that suits us. Equality should be a situation that is not ignored in all areas; our priority is equality of rights and opportunities. Success cannot be hidden behind genders, numbers, and measures. Even you cannot predict what you can achieve.


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