Importance Of Surface Characteristics In Manufacturing

Surface situation and surface characteristics is very important issue in manufacturing. There are lots of parameters that defines the surface situation of produced parts or workpieces in manufacturing. In this article we will explain;

  • What are the general surface caharactristics in manufacturing?
  • Why the surface charactristics are very important?

What Are The Surface Characteristis In Manufacturing?

Importance of surface comes from its feature of the parts that touches to other parts in the assembly. So the surface characteristics must be defined very well according to the ideal nominal surface. Ideal or nominal surface characteristics are defined, what kinds of surface features that are desired from related manufacturing process. And the produced part’s surface characteristics are defined according to that nominal characteristics.

There are bunch of reasons why the ‘Surface’ is very important in manufacturing;

  • Aesthetics: Aesthetics is very important for marketing the produced product, and customers desire flawless surface characteristics for aesthetic reasons.
  • Safety: In terms of strength, superior surface characteristics are very important. A surface defect can be the reason of crashing of product beacuse of the stress concentration.
  • Fricton and wear characteristics: We stated before that tha parts in an assembly, touches themselves form their surfaces.  So wear and friction characteristics of surfaces must be well defined according to the application that the produced part is used.
  • Smooth surface contacts: Surface contacts between different parts will be better if touching surfaces are very smooth in terms of electricity.
Illustration of a surface structure of a metal part.

As you see above illustration, surface texture have wavy structure at microscopic scale. This structure is flat in surfaces that defined nominally or ideally. But actual surface structure will be like above and the structure also changes according to the manufacturing process that is used. Right at the bottom of the surface texture, there is a thin layer called as ‘Altered layer’, where is affected by the previous manufacturing or surface treatmen process. Substrate consist internal bulk structure of a part or specimen.

The general surface characteristics can be summarized as above. Leave your comments and questions about ‘Surface Characteristics In Manufacturing’ below.

Image Source: Fundamentals of modern manufacturing.

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