Important Application Areas of Fluid Mechanics

Fluids are of very important value in engineering applications. Without a true understanding of fluid mechanics, a well-built engineering system or physical system is can not be served to society. There are lots of kinds of application areas of fluid mechanics in engineering. 

Engineering Applications Include Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics DeMYSTiFied

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Fluid mechanics deal with the characteristics and behavior of fluids with the effect of different external factors. With the consideration of these different external factors, the intended fluid and engineering system can be obtained with fluid mechanics. Let’s take a look at some application areas of fluid mechanics. 

Human Body

Heart and vein system(Image Source:

The human body contains nearly 70% of the fluid. So, fluid mechanisms are very important in our body to stay healthy. The most important fluid system is the blood, heart, and vein system. The heart pumps the blood through veins to organs. The mechanism can seem easy. But it is not. the pressure in our veins, the flow regime of blood in our veins, the physical properties of our blood for healthy flow in our veins must be in specific ranges. So, a special design according to the fluid mechanics is required to obtain such a system like this. 

Water, Natural Gas, Sewage Piping Systems

There are lots of kinds of piping and duct systems around us in our buildings to carry on the civilized society. Flowing water from our taps, natural gas that warms up us, sewage systems that we can repel the dirt from our homes are designed according to the fluid mechanics fundamentals. Without the precise calculations of fluid mechanics, we can not have well-working systems like them. 

Refrigerators, Heat Exchangers…

There is a special fluid which is called the refrigerant in refrigerators and in air conditioning systems. This refrigerant absorbs heat from the inside of the refrigerator and rejects that heat at the outside of the refrigerator owing to the specially designed compressor and valve systems in terms of fluid mechanics. 

Heat exchangers are also very important systems that include lots of piping and pump systems which are designed according to the fluid mechanics fundamentals. 


Automobile fuel supply system(Source:

If you take a look at the fuel supply systems of automobiles, you can see that fluid mechanics fundamentals are intensely used. From the fuel tank to engine cylinders, you need to supply the air-fuel mixture at specific rates in which the fluid mechanics fundamentals must be adopted. 


For planes, rockets, and automobiles, the design of precise aerodynamics is very important to obtain fuel-efficient and advanced technologies. Aerodynamics is directly related to fluid mechanics fundamentals. 


As you understand that fluid mechanics is a very comprehensive area that is used used in different kinds of advanced engineering areas. Engineers that are developed their knowledge in fluid mechanics systems are very precious all around the world! 

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