Important Rules For Section Views In Technical Drawings

The technical drawing is a common language between mechanists and manufacturers. So, the technical drawing must comply with the standards. There are lots of kinds of standards to obtain required technical drawings such as ISO and ASME standards. 

Section views are commonly used in technical drawings to show a view of a part in a more detailed and optimized way. But, there are strict showing standardizations of section views in technical drawings. Here, we will show you how to draw successful section views in technical drawings which can be interpreted by people all around the world. 

How To Create Proper Section Views In Technical Drawings?

Image Source: FREDERICK E. GIESECKE, SHAWNA LOCKHART, Technical Drawing With Engineering Graphics 15th Ed., Pearson, Pg.333

These are below to create sections views are prescribed by the national and international standardizations, which means if you comply with the rules below, your section view can be visualized by all the other people that read your technical drawing. 

Show The Visible Lines

When your section plane cuts the part from the section view, the visible lines must be shown to understand all the parts themselves. 

Exclude The Hidden Lines Lies On Section View Hatches

As you see in the figure, the hidden lines must not be shown on the section view hatches. It will be very hard to understand the 3D visualization of the part for the reader if you show the hidden lines on section view hatches.

Boundaries Of Hatch Must Be Solid Lines

The boundaries of the hatch must be a solid line. Hidden lines must be avoided for the boundaries. 

Hatches Must Be In The Same Direction

There can be different areas of the same section view. The hatch pattern and the hatch lines must be completely the same and in the same direction in section views. 

Hatches Can Not Be Crossed By Lines

Hatch geometries are for showing the cut section of the section views. If you cross with a solid line or hidden line, it will be very hard to understand for another reader and interpreter of your technical drawing. 


As you understand that, section views must be cared for with high attention by the creator. It is about showing the quality of your abilities and your company if you comply with all the standard rules for creating technical drawings. 

Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics

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