Important Terms About Cutting Tools in Machining Operations

With machining operations, wide variety kinds of shapes can be produced in very tight tolerances. Because of this reason, machining operations are widely used in the manufacturing of metal parts. In general, metals and alloys of them are very hard and rigid to be machined. So, proper cutting tools must be used in machining operations of metals and other materials such as wood. 

There are multiple edge cutting tools and single cutters used in machining operations. 

Single-Edge Cutting Tools

Single edge cutting tools are generally used in turning operations. The general geometry and cutting orientation of single-edge cutting tools like this; 

Image Source: Mikell P. Groover; Fundamentals Of Modern Manufacturing, 4th edition, pg 471

In this geometry; 

  • Rake face: the face of the cutting edge where the chip is formed and oriented to be thrown from the workpiece. The rake angle of this face is determined according to the intended angle where chip formation occurs.
  • Flank face: The face that lies before the rake face where a certain amount of relief angle is provided. This relief angle prevents damage to the surface of the workpiece because of the extra friction between the cutting edge and the workpiece. 

Multiple-Edge Cutting Tools

Also in most drilling, milling, and cutting operations, multiple-edge cutting tools are used. For different materials and different machining applications, the shape, material, and use of these multiple edge cutting tools change. 

Different types of multiple-edge cutting tools.


The most basic information about general cutting tools in machining operations can be made like this. 

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