Inserting Parts Into Solidworks Assemblies

When you open an assembly environment to create your mechanisms, you need to add your designed CAD parts into this. Inserting the parts into Solidworks assembly in a correct alignment is very important. In here, we show you how to insert parts into Solidworks assembly environment from external source.

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How To Insert Part Into Solidworks Assembly?

Click on ‘Insert Components’ in Solidworks assembly.

To add a part into Solidworks assemblt environment, click on ‘Insert Components’ as shown by blue arrow above. In this command, click on ‘Browse’ button as shown in blue box above to open your part that is saved into your computer.

Open your part in Solidworks assembly.

From this dialog box that is opened to select your parts, find your part that needed to be opened in Solidworks assembly. You can select a file type as shown in blue box above to open it in Solidworks assembly. Click ‘Open’ button to open your part.

Place your part in Solidworks assembly.

After selecting the part, click to place your part in drawing window in Solidworks. You can make your placement by using the tool that is shown by blue box above. You can turn your part around selected axis with an entered angle value.

So attaching parts into Solidworks assembly is very easy like above. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about part attaching into Solidworks assembly below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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