Inserting Standard Tables And Its Options In AutoCAD

Autocad has a tool that you can create standard tables that you can give some of informations about your projects. This table creation tool of Autocad is very versatile. In here, we explain how to create tables in Autocad and explain all the features and option of table generation, with a very basic example below.

How To Create Tables In AutoCAD?

Autocad table generation.

Generating tables in Autocad 2D is very basic actualy. You just need to click on ‘Table’ command as shown by red arrow above. And a window will be appeared to create your tables from it as above.

  • You can select your table style from red box region above in Autocad, in our version only the ‘Standard’ style is avaliable.
  • In ‘Insert options’ you can select the data that will be shown on your table. Generally you will start from empty table as shown by green box above in Autocad. But also you can import excel datas by selecting ‘From a data link’ option. Also you can take data from another Autocad project by selecting the third option here.
  • In the ‘column and row settings’ that is shown by blue box above in Autocad, you can adjust the spacings, height and width options of your table by entering values. You can define the number of rows and columns from here.
  • There are three types of cell styles in this standard table in Autocad. You can adjust row styles as ‘title’, ‘header’ and ‘data’ from here. First row is generally title of the table. Second row is header and other rows are adjusted as datas as you can see from the preview. You can adjust the according to yourself.


With these options, you can insert your table from a insertion point into Autocad drawing window as below.

Insertion of table from insertion point.
‘Specify window’ option in Autocad table generation.

If you select the ‘insertion behavior’ as ‘Specify window’ as shown by green arrow in Autocad, you can insert your table by creating a window in drawing window. But if you select this insertion option, you just can specify one of two column and row settings as shown by green box.

Creating table by specifying window in Autocad.

As you see above, number of unselected row and column options are defined by your window that you draw with your mouse by dragging in drawing window in Autocad.

Editing table cells in Autocad.

Filling the created table with ‘Table’ command is very easy. You just need to click cells then enter your writings inside it as above. You can do writing options for all cells individually;

You can do text adjustments such as the height of your text as shown by green arrow above. Also you can make bold, italic texting or color of your text and font of text just like in MS Word. You can give bulleting options to your text from red box. You can add custom symbols, you can do spell checkings and finding and replacement to your text in Autocad. These options are similar with MS Word.

These are the general options about table generating in Autocad 2D. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about Autocad table generation below. Your precious feedbacks are very important for us.


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