Inverse Of Matrix In MatLab®

Inverses of matrices are generally used in linear equation solution systems, especially in linear algebra. Here, we will show you how to calculate the inverse of a matrix in Matlab®.

What Is Inverse Matrix?

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The inverse of a matrix is the matrix that when multiplied with itself, gives an identity matrix.

You can take a look at the example above, the second matrix is the inverse matrix of A. Multiplication with A gives the same dimension identity matrix.

How To Calculate Inverse Of A Matrix In MatLab®?

>> A = [3 6 3; 6 -5 3; 6 -4 6];

ans =

    0.1250    0.3333   -0.2292
    0.1250   -0.0000   -0.0625
   -0.0417   -0.3333    0.3542


It is very basic to calculate the inverse of a matrix in Matlab®. You just need to use the ‘inv()’ command in the command window. As you see in the example above in the MatLab® command window, we created a 3×3 matrix ‘A’ then wrote ‘inv(A)’ then hit the Enter key.

You can see the answer above.


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