IoT – What is the Internet of Things

IoT, the Internet of Things, is a concept first used by Kevin Ashton in his presentation for the company in 1999. At the point where today’s technology age has come, it has become more advanced than when it emerged. The Internet of Things is a technology that enables any object you can think of to access the Internet and communicate with other devices. The IoT application connects objects to the internet with technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. IoT application products are generally operated with tablets, computers, and mobile devices. In general, these objects have applications for providing mobile access.

These objects are embedded with software, sensors, and other similar technologies, and what IoT aims is to exchange data by connecting to other devices and systems over the internet. For this purpose, we call the Internet of Things, the network formed by physical devices that have been brought together and integrated with different technologies. These devices range from ordinary household items to sophisticated industrial appliances, with the number expected to rise to 22 billion by 2025. IoT today can be used in a wide and diverse industry, from manufacturing to transportation. The most well-known technological uses are smart buildings, smart stations, home appliances, cars, heart monitors, and smart soil irrigation. 

The popularity of IoT is growing in different industries and companies that are using IoT technology to achieve much more efficient working results, provide better service to their customers, increase business value, understand their customers well, and contribute positively to the decision-making process. We cannot deny that the serialization of processes in engineering and the reduction of the need for human effort both benefit the IoT and demonstrate the world’s need for smart industrial appliances.

Importance of IoT in Engineering

The popularity of IoT is also rising in higher education institutions such as universities and the future is shaped by this technology. Of course, it is the software developers who brought this technology to the world. Therefore, IoT’s place in software engineering is important. It is a field where those who know one or more of the common software languages such as C, C++, and Java can improve themselves. But knowing the language is not enough to develop, those working in the field of IoT must understand sensor technology and have an understanding of wireless communication. It is a great advantage for the IoT developer to have knowledge in computer science or electrical engineering. The Internet of Things finds solutions to engineering problems and speeds up processes. For example, in case of an accident in civil engineering, it allows immediate intervention to events with warning mechanisms.


IoT can reduce downtime by predicting mechanical and electrical failures in industrial engineering. Although people who are experts in the technology brought by IoT call themselves IoT engineers, today IoT is a technology used to prevent waste in other engineering fields.

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