Iron Ores That Are Used In Metallurgy

Steels and cast irons are very important engineering and production materials in metallurgy. And these are the most used materials in industry. Almost in every product and every application, ferrous materials are used. Because of that, the iron supply is very important are in metallurgy. In this article, we will summarize the general iron raw material sources and ores, and some kinds of chemical reactions to obtain raw iron for machining and manufacturing processes.

What Is Raw Iron And Iron Ore?

Iron ore(Image Source: Idom)

Ores are the natural iron sources that is the iron which is used in general production processes as raw material. Iron ores are not pure in terms of iron, there are other impurities or chemical compositions. So there must some processes applied to these iron ores to decompose raw iron or ‘pure’ iron from them. General iron ores have iron content between 50-70% inside them. The general iron ores are obtained from nature are; hematite, magnetite, siderite and limonite.

Some kinds of other materials are needed to use to reduce the iron from their ores. These materials are; coke and limestone. Coke is ahigh carbon fuel produced by heating bituminous coal in a limited oxygen atmosphere for several hours, followed by water spraying in special quenching towers. It is a very good fuel to reduce iron from iron ores and produces CO is a very important gas to reduce iron from iron ore.

Limestone is a type of rock that includes very high amount of calcium carbonate. So this can be used to react with impurities inside iron ores and remove them from iron to obtain pure iron.

In machining processes, casting processes and various types of manufacturing processes that are applied to ferrous metals, lots of scraps are produced. This scraps are also used as iron source, and it is a very important iron source in terms of recycling of materials.

The most general aspects of iron ores can be summarized like above. You can find out lots of further articles about metallurgy in Mechanicalland like this one. Do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about ‘Iron Ores’!

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