IVRESS® FEA Software and CFD Tool

FEA software is getting more common with the developing computational technologies around the world. Their wide variety of CAE and FEA software is available in the market according to the customer needs. There is also a wide variety of customers; engineering students, academics, and professional R&D departments of industrial companies. 

IVRESS® is a CAE tool that is designed and released for a wide variety of FEA and CAE customers. In this article, you can find out summary information about IVRESS® FEA software. 

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What is IVRESS®? 

To be honest, IVRESS® is not a common CAE software package like other commercial packages. This is generally used as simulation software for rigid bodies by designers and engineers. It is also incorporated with computational fluid dynamics tools to simulate solid-solid and solid-liquid interfaces. 

The pricing of IVRESS® starts from 5.000$ and also IVRESS® provides a free trial for potential customers. 

  • Mechanisms such as cams, gears, and other mechanical parts can be modeled with IVRESS®. 
  • Flow separation studies in CFD applications, 
  • Flow stream studies, 


It is quite hard to find detailed information and tutorials about IVRESS® on the internet. This FEA software package is released by Advanced Science&Automation Corp. 

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