Large Travel Coffee Tumbler Mug For Engineers!

Large Travel Coffee Tumbler Mug For Engineers!

Maybe, coffee is one of the most important things in an engineer’s life… Nearly all the engineers are drinking coffee when they are working on very serious projects. So, it is very important to carry coffee everywhere that an engineer goes. And coffee must stay hot 🙂 

In this case, a coffee tumbler mug can be a very good option to carry coffee with you. Coffee stays hot inside this coffee tumbler and will not pour like standard mugs. And this can be very useful for engineers. 

Travel Coffee Tumbler Mug With A Funny Engineering Table Print 🙂

Engineer Gifts – Large Travel Coffee Tumbler Mug 20oz – Funny Gift Idea for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Men, Women, Science, Nerd, Computer Programmer, Major, Grad

If you are interested in this coffee mug from engineers, you can take a look at this from Amazon from the given link or by clicking on the ‘Shop Now’ button.

Tables take a very important place in an engineer’s life and career. An ordinary engineer generally deals with lots of tables show lots of kinds of information about different things. So, that engineering table printed on that coffee tumbler is a very witty joke for an engineer 🙂 

If you take a small look at this table, it is filled with very funny jokes about the ‘nutrition of an engineer’ 🙂 

A Great Gift For An Engineer!

You can purchase this gift for your engineer beloved ones and this gift will be very important for them. You can be a non-engineer person, but in this small article, you will understand why this gift is great for engineers 🙂 

Spill-Resistant Structure!

Spill resistance is very important because engineers are generally roaming around the field and speaking and working with lots of people in an ordinary engineering field. 

Stainless Steel

The inner side of this coffee tumbler mug for engineers is made from steel which will be durable for years. 

Vacuum Insulation

The hotness of the coffee is very important for an engineer. With the double-wall vacuum insulation of this tumbler mug, coffee will stay hot over the hours of work of an engineer 🙂 

20 Oz(0,6 litres) Of Capacity

This coffee tumbler mug is very large in size and capacity that it can carry 0.6 liters of coffee. Think about that an engineer prepares coffee in the morning in this large tumbler mug, and they do not need to make coffee again for the rest of the day. Because 0.6 liters of coffee will be sufficient for a normal coffee drinker. 

Not Only For Coffee!

You can put cold things or beverages inside this tumbler mug and it will stay cold for up to 24 hours! Also, hot beverages will stay hot for up to 6 hours which is a very important feature of this travel coffee tumbler mug for engineers! 

BPA And Paraben Free!

As you know from the general literature of plastics, BPAs and Parabens are very harmful both for our health and the environment. And modern engineers take care of their health and they are very sensitive to the environment just like Mechanicalland editors! 


Not only with the joke on that coffee tumbler, but also the usefulness will satisfy the user of this coffee tumbler. 

Mechanicalland editors strongly recommend this large travel coffee tumbler mug for engineers, as a gift for the engineers! 

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about the coffee tumbler for engineers below! 

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