Recommended Book Set To Learn Solidworks Beginner’s Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2020

Solidworks™ is one of the most used CAD/CAM/CAE tools by today’s engineers and designers. So, it could be very advantageous to learn all the aspects of Solidworks™ for an engineer or designer. 

But Solidworks™ includes lots of kinds of various tools. Learning Solidworks™ is not an easy business. Yes, you can find tons of tutorials on the internet, especially on YouTube. But the information that you take from these free tutorials will be limited. 

You may think that ‘Why do I pay to learn Solidworks™?’ even though there are tons of free tutorials on the internet. But the situation is not like this. You need to have a more complicated and more comprehensive guide to learn Solidworks™ and all its tools, for your professional career. 

On the other hand, the ‘free’ tutorials give you limited information, and the advanced or rest of it will be paid for. 

What Mechanicalland Recommends To You?

As Mechanicalland editors who are experienced engineers from different engineering fields, you do not need to bother yourself to watch all the ‘free’ Solidworks™ tutorials on the internet, especially on YouTube. 

We did deep research to find the most comprehensive guide to learn all the aspects of Solidworks™. Let’s get into detail about what we recommend you to learn Solidworks™.

Book: Beginner’s Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2020 From SDC Publications

It is not a book. It is a book set which consists of two Solidworks™ tutorial books that you can acquire according to your level. Every book in this book set includes different kinds of topics starting from basics to advanced. Let’s take a look at these Solidworks™ tutorial books one by one. 

Beginner’s Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2020 Level 1

Beginner’s Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2021 – Level I: Parts, Assemblies, Drawings, PhotoView 360 and SimulationXpress

If you are interested in this Beginner’s Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2020, click on the ‘Shop Now’ button, or the link below the button to take a look at this on Amazon!

As you understand from the title, this is the most basic book of the Solidworks™ tutorial book set. So, if you are a new starter for Solidworks™, you can acquire this one. 

Beginner’s Guide to Solidworks™ 2020 Level 1 covers;

Introduction of the Solidworks™ 2020 interface for new starters. 

How to model a part in Solidworks™ with tools. 

Sweep, Loft, and Wrap tools and how to use them effectively in Solidworks™. 

Detail 3D part design. 

Obtaining assemblies and mechanisms in Solidworks™ with the designed 3D parts. 

Obtaining 3D illustrative animations and rendering of these animations. 

Basic analysis skills with Solidworks™ SimulationXpress.

This book also includes CSWA which is the Certified Solidworks™ Associate Practice test. 

So, do not confuse with the word ‘Level 1’. You will learn all the aspects of Solidworks™ from only this book, what you will learn from other ‘free and advanced’ tutorials on the internet, or more. Beginner’s Guide to 

Beginner’s Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2020 Level 2

If you are interested in Beginner’s Guide to Solidworks 2021 Level 2, take a look at Amazon by clicking on the banner above.

This book of the Solidworks™ tutorial book set is for mid-level and advanced users. If you are a mid-level user or learned some basic aspects of Solidworks™ before, you can acquire this one. Beginner’s Guide to Solidworks™ 2020 Level 2 includes the topics of; 

Multibody design parts with different 3D design tools of Solidworks™ 2021.

Sheet metal design tools form an important application area of engineering. 

3D design from most basic to advanced. 

Surface design with surfacing tools of Solidworks™.

Designing weldments and moldings which are other important aspects of engineering.

After completing all the examples and information of this book, you will be an advanced user of Solidworks™ in terms of professional manner. 

Video Instructions!

These two books about Solidworks™ also include video instructions of the chapters for the visual learners. So, this feature makes this set is very preferable for all the Solidworks™ learners.

You, Will, Need These Books In Your Professional Carrer

In your professional career, these books will be your bedside book about Solidworks™. To remember particular things while you are working on your projects in Solidworks™, you will have complete information with these books. 

Solidworks™ Associate Exam

This is a certification program of Solidworks™ that you can take various examinations to take different levels of certifications from Solidworks™ itself. And this book includes one of these exams at the end of Level 1, which is very important to acquire the certification. 


Mechanicalland editors strongly recommend this book set to learn Solidworks™ from basics to advanced!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should have Solidworks ™ 2020 installed on your computer. If you are an academic or student, you can go the free version of Solidworks

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