Linear Pattern in Solidworks – Illustrated Explanation

In this content of Mechanicalland, we will show how to use the Linear Pattern command in Solidworks. So, if you have individual features in Solidworks drawing scheme, you can obtain patterns in the selected direction with the entered value. Also, you can enter the distance between pattern instances in the Linear Pattern command. Follow the steps below on how to do this kind of stuff in Solidworks with the Linear Patten command.

With the linear pattern command, you can obtain various kinds of designs. It will be very burdening for a designer to draw all the instances part by part. But you can obtain lots of kinds of copies of bodies in Solidworks in a very easy way.

You will see that the use of the Linear Pattern in Solidworks is very simple. Check the steps below!

How to Use Linear Patten Command in Solidworks?

Firstly, you need to click to open the Linear Pattern command in Solidworks. You can see the red arrow above. Also, you can open the other selections of the Linear Pattern command. You just need to click on the little arrow beneath the Linear Pattern command.

You will see the sub-commands with this little arrow. Other commands are also related to the Linear Pattern command in Solidworks.

After that, you need to select the patterned features. You can do it from the Features and Faces section in the red box above. You can choose faces for the pattern. Also, you can choose 3D geometries to the pattern as the red arrow above in the Linear Pattern command.

It is a very useful selection option for the Linear Pattern command. You can choose the pieces of complete 3D geometries other than selecting the whole 3D geometry. You can do it by selecting a feature such as Extrude on a part. By selecting features, you can multiply with this command in Solidworks.

Think about a hole feature on a 3D geometry. You want to multiply this whole feature on this geometry. So, if you select this hole feature in the Linear Pattern command, you will be able to multiply this hole feature of this 3D geometry.

Select the Directions for Linear Pattern

Secondly, in the Linear Pattern command, you need to select the direction for patterning as shown by the red arrow above. Then enter the pitch value. This is the distance between geometric center points of instances to the pattern as in the red box. Also, enter the number of instances in the red box.

This option is also very important for the Linear Pattern command in Solidworks. You can obtain features that you select in different directions with different numbers and spaces. This is another useful feature of the Linear Pattern command.

Also, you can do the same adjustments that were done for Direction 1 in Direction 2 in Linear Pattern as shown by the green box and arrow above.

With the direction 2 option, you can obtain symmetrical instances around the line or edge you select. And also in most product designs, symmetry is a desired thing.

And then, you can select patterned features as shown in the green box above. You can skip the instances like this.

This is also a very useful feature of the Linear Pattern command in Solidworks. Canceling the separate pattern features can provide very different designs to you. In other CAD programs, there is no such feature like this.

It is Very Easy to Use!

After you complete the Linear Pattern adjustments, click on the little yes button as shown by the green arrow. You can finish the Linear Pattern operation in Solidworks like this.

After finishing the Linear Pattern options in Solidworks, you can make the same adjustments according to your design. To do it, you just need to re-enter the command again.

This is the result of our Linear Pattern operation in Solidworks. You can observe the skipped instances from above. For different kinds of designs, you can use this command in Solidworks easily.

Above all, Solidworks provides various kinds of useful commands and features. You can make very creative designs with these Solidworks commands. You can check them by clicking on them.

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As you see above, the use of the Linear Pattern command in Solidworks is very simple. You just need to enter the command and select the feature or geometry that you want to multiply. After that, you just need to select the directions and enter several instances. Then exit from the command to complete it.

So, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the Linear Pattern in Solidworks. Also, please share your works with us in the comments, after learning this command!

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

NOTE: We use all the screenshots and images for educational and informative purposes. Images used courtesy of Solidworks®.


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