Linear Sketch Patterning In Solidworks Sketching(Illustrated Expression)

We explained the 3D pattern tool in Solidworks. Also there is a sketching counterpart of this pattern tool in Solidworks called as ‘Linear Sketch Pattern’. In 2D sketchings, you can create 2D linear patterns with this command in Solidworks. In this article, we will explain how to do it with a very basic example below.

How To Use ‘Linear Sketch Pattern’ Command In Solidworks?

Click on ‘Linear Sketch Pattern’ command in Solidworks.

To use ‘Linear Sketch Pattern’ command in Solidworks sketching, you need to be in an active sketch as above. For example we want to pattern the circle as shown by red arrow linearly. To do it, click on ‘Linear Pattern Sketch’ command as shown by green arrow above.

Define the required parameters for ‘Linear Sketch Pattern’ command in Solidworks sketching.

After entering into the ‘Linear Sketch Pattern’ command, select the sketch entity to be patterned linearly as shown by green arrow above.

After the selection of sketch entity, define X and Y axis parameter of patterning. You can define the X axis linear pattern parameters from the green box region. Enter spacing value between instances on X axis as shown by blue arrow above. Enter the number of instances then you can give an angle value that the linear pattern will be created in this angle according to the X axis.

You can do the same adjustments for Y axis linear pattern from the blue box region also.

You can select ‘Instances To Skip’ in red box that the selected instances as shown by pink arrows above will be deleted from pattern.

If the linear pattern adjustments of ‘Linear Sketch Pattern’ command is done, click on little green yes button as shown by black line above.

The use of ‘Linear Sketch Pattern’ command in Solidworks is like above. Leave your comments and questions below ‘Linear Sketct Pattern’ command in Solidworks sketching!


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